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No. 0.1 is equal to 1 tenth.

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Q: Is 01 equal to 1 tenth?
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Related questions

What is one tenth as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 1/10 is equal to 0.1.One tenth as a decimal is written as 0.1. This is the same as dividing one ten times which will result to 0.1 or 1/10.

Why is it that when you multiply and find one tenth of one tenth and it is equal to one hundredth?

This is because when fractions are multiplied together both their numerators and denominators are multiplied... So .1*.1=.01 it is easier to think of in a fraction so 1/10 * 1/10= (1*1)/(10*10) or 1/100

How many hundredths equal a tenth?

Ten hundredths equal a tenth. For example, when you add 1 hundredth (0.01) to 9 hundredths (0.09), you get 1 tenth (0.1).

What is one tenth centimeter equal how much millimeter?

One tenth of a centimetre is equal to 1 millimetre.

1 tenth centiliter is equal to how many mililiter?

1 tenth og a centiliter is 1 milliliter. How hard can it get?

Which is equal to 01 mm?

1 mm is equal to 01 mm.

What does .1 equal to?

one tenth

What is tenth of a cm to thousandth of a meter?

1 tenth of a cm and 1 thousandth of a meter are equal lengths.

What is 1 tenth if 2325?

The number 232.5 is equal to one tenth of the number 2,325.

Is 1 tenth greater than 4.16?

1 tenth, which is equal to 0.1, is less than 4.16 (four and sixteen hundredths).

Does 1 tenth of a meter equal a millimeter?


What does 1 tenth of 100 equal?


What does 1 tenth of 2050 equal?


What is 1 tenth of 1 percent of 115000000?

(115000000 x .01) x .1 = 115,000

What is 0.97437 rounded to the nearest tenth?

Rounded to the nearest tenth, 0.97437 is approximately equal to 1.

Is 0.00045 equal to a tenth?

0.00045 is not equal to a tenth; 0.1 is a tenth.

Is six sixtieths equal to one tenth?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 6/60 is equal to 1/10 or one tenth.

Does 100 thousandths equal 1 tenth?


What does 0.1 equal?

One tenth or 1/10

How many g are there in 1 tenth of kg?

100 g is equal to 1/10 (one-tenth) of a kg.

Is 1 tenth equivalent to 10 percent?

Yes, a tenth is equal to 10/100 which is 10%. There are 10 parts to create 1 out of a tenth so this again proves it is 10%.

What is a tenth of 1 percent?

One tenth of one percent is equal to 0.1 percent.

What decimal is equal to one tenth?

It is: 1/10 = 0.1

What does one tenth equal in decimals?

1/10 = 0.1

How many millions does 1 lakh equal to?

One tenth.