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250,250,250,250...? Technically, no, because any number that repeats itself, whether it is a decimal or not, is irrational.

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Q: Is 025 repeating a rational number?
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Is 0.88 repeating a rational number?

Is 0.88 repeating a rational number

Is 5.75 repeating a rational number or irrational?

It is a rational number.

Is a rational number a repeating decimal?

All repeating decimals are rational numbers. Not all rational numbers are repeating decimals.

Is a repeating decimal sometimes a rational number?

Repeating decimals are always rational.

Is 4.15 a repeating rational number?

A repeating rational number is an irrational number. An irrational number is an number that has no definite end. 4.15 has a definite end and is therefore a rational number.

Is every rational number a repeating decimal?

No. A rational number is any terminating numeral. A repeating decimal is irrational.

Is .3333 repeating a rational or irrational number?


Can a rational number be repeating decimal?

Yes, a rational number can be a repeating decimal. A repeating decimal is a decimal in which one or more digits repeat infinitely. For example, 1/3 is a rational number that can be written as the repeating decimal 0.333...

Can a repeating number be a rational number?

yes it can be

When expressed as a decimals rational number will be what or repeating?

When expressed as a decimal, a rational number will either be terminating (end with a finite number of digits) or repeating (have a repeating pattern of digits).

How is a rational number that repeats different from a irratrional number that repeats?

Irrational numbers can not be repeating decimals. Any number that is a repeating decimal is rational.

Is .345 repeating an irrational or rational number?

Any repeating decimal digits (this includes repetition after a certain point, e.g. 2.4510101010...) is a rational number.