Is 0 a negative integer

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0 is neither a negative nor a positive integer
The absolute value of zero is zero, so, NO.

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Q: Is 0 a negative integer
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Is 0 positive integer or negative integer?

Zero counts as neither positive nor negative. It is a neutral integer

An index must be a non-negative integer or an integer expression that results in a non-negative integer?


What is a postive integer and a negative integer?

a negative integer is -1,-2,-3 and so on, but not -2.5 or 0 a positive integer is 1, 2, 3 and so on but not 7.2 or 0

What is a negitave integer?

A negative integer is a number less than 0 0 is neither a negative nor positive integer. negative integers = -1, -2, -3, -4 and so on

What is the difference between non negative integers and negative integers?

A non-negative integer is a whole number above 0, and a negative integer is a whole number below 0.

What are the integer between 0 and negative one?

There are no integers between 0 and negative one.

Is 0 the smallest integer?

No. Integers are positive and negative whole numbers (…, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, …). As there are an infinite number of negative integers as they approach negative infinity (the greatest negative integer being -1), there can be no smallest (negative) integer.

Is negative 11 an integer?

Yes the integer group includes negative numbers, positive numbers, and 0.

When you subtract a negative integer from a negative integer do you get a negative integer?

Sometimes. For example: (-4) - (-3) = -1 (-4) - (-4) = 0 (-4) - (-5) = 1

Is 0 a negative or posative integer?

It is neither negative nor positive

Integer that is not a whole number?

no, integer is 0 or positive / negative whole number

is 0 a integer?

No, 0 is neither positive nor negative it is just 0

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