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No. All rational numbers are real. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction.

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Q: Is 0 an example of a rational number that is not a real number?
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An example of a rational number?

Zero (0) is a rational number.

Can 0 be represented as 0 over a where a is any rational number?

Yes. 0 divided by any real number (including rational numbers, which are a subset of the real numbers) is 0.

Is 0 a whole number rational number irritational number or real number?

It is all of them except an irrational number.

What is the number that is neither rational or irrational?

Any real number is either rational or irrational. The rational ones are the ones that can be written in the form a/b where and b are integers and b does not equal 0. The irrational ones are all the other ones. If you expand your domain to include numbers other than the real numbers, like the imaginary numbers for example, there is no definition of "rational" or "irrational" for the non-real numbers. Zero is a rational number since it can be written as 0/1 and both 0 and 1 are integers.

Is a rational number a real number?

Yes, a rational number is a real number. A rational number is a number that can be written as the quotient of two integers, a/b, where b does not equal 0. Integers are real numbers. The quotient of two real numbers is always a real number. The terms "rational" and "irrational" apply to the real numbers. There is no corresponding concept for any other types of numbers.

Identify of rational and irrational numbers?

A rational number is a number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers in the form A/B where B>0. An irrational number is a real number that is not rational.

What is the example rational numbers?

Given any two integers, x and y, such that y is not 0, then x/y is a rational number. So for example, 3476/43 is a rational number.

Is 0 a whole number integer rational or irrational number?

0 is a whole rational integer in its own right because as for example water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius

Is 0 imaginary?

0 is a real number because it is part of the whole, integer, and rational number family which is in the section under real numbers (not imaginary).

Possible example of real number?

0 is a real number.

Is 0 a rational number answer?

Yes.All integers are rational numbers.0 is an integer.Therefore, 0 is a rational number.

What is a rational number between the pair 0 and -1?

Any number between 0 and -1 that you can write on paperwith a pencil or a crayon is a rational number.Here is an example:-0.60214937