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760 mm hg = 0 psi gauge pressure

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Q: Is 0 mm hg equal to 0 psia and is 760 mm hg equal to 0psig?
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How many torr equal 760 mm Hg?

760 torr

A pressure of 760.0 mm Hg is equal to?

a pressure of 760.o mm Hg is equal to

How many millimeters of mercury equal to 760 Torr?

760mm Hg = 760 Torr

What is equal to 1 ATM in mm Hg?

760 mmHg is equal to 1 ATM.

A gas occupies 30 L at 760 mm Hg what is its volume at 350 mm Hg?

The phrase "760 mm Hg" is physicists' shorthand for "an atmospheric pressure equal to that needed to support a column of mercury [chemical symbol Hg] of length 760 mm". This is approximately average atmospheric pressure at sea level. As the pressure decreases from "760 mm Hg" to "350 mm Hg", the volume of the gas will increase (assuming a constant temperature). The new volume can be determined using Boyle's Law: New Volume = 30 x 760 / 350 = 65.143 Litres

How do you convert mm Hg to 1 ATM?

mm Hg/760

What would the pressure be in atmospheres if a barometer was reading 740 mm?

I assume you mean 740 mm Hg. 760 mm Hg = 760 Torr = 1 atmosphere. Simply divide 740 by 760 and you will get the pressure in atmospheres. 740 mm Hg / 760 mm Hg = 0.97 atmospheres

How many atm in one mmhg?

760 mm Hg = 1 atm therefore there are 1/760 atmospheres in 1 mm Hg.

Express the pressure 545Mm Hg in kilopascals?

Use the ratio that 101.325 kilopascals is equal to 760 mmHg. 545 mmHg * (101.325 kilopascals/760 mmHg) = 72.7 kilopascals

How much psia does 10 in. Hg equal?

14.7psia = about 30inhg thus, let 14.7 be 15 for easier calculations if 15 psia = 30 inhg then 1 psia = 30/15 inhg therefore 1 psia = 2 inhg or 1 inhg = 0.5 psia so 10 inhg is about 5 psia hope this helps

How many mm Hg is atmosphere?

1 atmosphere is 760 mm Hg column.

How many mm Hg are in one torr?

760 mm Hg = 1 Torr

How many millibars is 760 mm hg?

760 mm Hg is 1 atmosphere, so approx 1 bar. It is 1.013 bar, which is 1013 milibars.

How do you Convert mm Hg systolic pressure into units of ATM?

mm Hg x 1 atm/760 mm Hg = atm. So, simply divide the mm Hg by 760 to get atmospheres of pressure.

What is the mean of 760mm of hg?

760 mm Hg is the standard barometric (atmospheric) pressure. It is the pressure giving a pillar of mercury (the elemental abbreviation of mercury is Hg) that is 760 millimeters (mm) high.

What is the conversion factor for atmospheres to mm Hg?

This value is 1 atmosphere=760 mm Hg.

What is the relationship between ATM mm Hg torr bar and kPa?

1 atm = 760 mm Hg = 760 torr = 101,325 kPa = 1,01325 bar

What is the answer Convert the pressure 0.840 ATM to mm Hg?

0.840 atm x 760 mm Hg/1atm = 638.4 mm Hg

How is torr related to the S.I unit of quantity?

It isn't. There is no unit of quantity in the SI system.Torr, historically was a unit of pressure, equal to one millimetre of mercury. Equal nowadays to about 133.3 pascals.

What is the pressure in mm Hg of a gas at 2atm?

1 atm of pressure equals 760 mm Hg, so 2 atm = 1520 mm Hg.

What does STP occur at?

1 atm=760 mm Hg= 760 torr =101.325 kPa and 0 degrees Celsius

Is the air pressure at Sea Level 700 mm of Hg?

Standard Air Pressure is 760 mm Hg (or 29.92 in)

Equivalent pressure of 745 mm Hg?

2% lower than normal (standard) pressure of 760 mm Hg

What is a pressure of 101.3 equal to?

101.325 kPa is equivalent to one atmosphere of pressure, or 760 mm Hg. It is a very useful conversion factor.

How do you convert 850.0 mm Hg to ATM?

850mmHg (given) divided by 760mmHg (standard pressure) = 1.12atm