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No. A grand means 1000, so 100 grand is 100,000. A million dollars is 1,000,000 or "1000 grand".

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Q: Is 100 grand and 1 million dollars the same thing?
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How much is 1.3 million dollars be in pounds?

The pound sterling and American dollars are the same thing. They equal the same amount no matter what. Say you have fourteen pounds, and fourteen dollars. They equal the same thing in England and America. So, technically seaking 1,300,000 pounds is 1,300,000 American dollars. One Biritish pound = 1.6434 American dollars officially.

How do you write 4.1 million dollars?

4.1 million dollars is the same as $4,100,000 in numbers

Is 5K the same as 5000 dollars?

yup same as 5-grand too.

What does 18.6 billion dollars mean?

The same as 18600 million dollars.

Are barbadian dollars and barbados dollars the same thing?


How much money is 80 grand?

80 grand is the same as eighty thousand dollars. $80,000.

What is 8 of 4.5 million dollars?

It is the same as 0.08 times 4,500,000 = 360,000 dollars

Is ten thousand dollars the same amount as one million dollars?

$10,000 is not equal to $1,000,000 dollars. One million is 100 times greater than ten thousand.

What is 0.04 billion dollars?

Same as 40 million.

What is 8 percent of 4.5 million dollars?

It is the same as 0.08 times 4,500,000 = 360,000 dollars

What is heavier 1 million feather or 1 million dollars?

The answer is: neither, they both weigh the same.

Is 1.75 million dollars the same as 1750000?

Yes, it is one & the same.

Who wins the million dollars on total drama action?

its Courtney and its not really a million dollars its the same money as last time chris said that on the first episode

How do you write 2.5 million dollars without decimals?

The term 2.5 can also be written as two and a half. The term million dollars remains the same. =================== $2,500,000

1 million dollars in 1800 is equivalent to what today?

The same 1 million US dollars. A dollar is a dollar irrespective of which year it was printed.

What is 4.5 percent of two million dollars?

That's the same as (4.5 / 100) x 2 million.

What is bigger ten billion dollars or one thousand million dollars?

Ten billion dolars is bigger because one thousand million is the same as one billion.

Are great niece and grand niece the same thing?


How do you Write 0.6 million dollars?

0.6 million dollars is the same as $600,000. To find this, you just have to move the decimal place over six times (because a million has six zeros) which would give you 600,000.

How much is one third of two million dollars?

One third of two million is the same as two thirds of one million. Both are within a penny of $666,666.67 ■

Ricardo kaka salary per year in dollars?

It was 12.87 million dollars. It's salary at Real Madrid is about the same.

Is 1 million the same thing as 10 thousand?


What would one million dollars from 1977 be worth today?

If you are talking about cash (US dollar bills) worth 1 million dollars from 1977, they would still be worth the same 1 million dollars today and would remain to be worth the same 1 million dollars a hundred years from now. If you are talking about investments like bank deposits or shares or bonds etc., then the value would have varied depending on the rate of returns of the instrument in which the money was deposited.

Is the Painted Desert the same thing as the Grand Canyon?

No, it is in Northeastern Arizona.

You have oil in your radiator of your 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee is this a common thing?

i have the same thing but mines a 1993 4.0