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Suggestion: Convert miles to kilometers, then it should be easy to compare. One mile is about 1.6 kilometers.

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Q: Is 100 kilometer per hour faster than 55 miles per hour?
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Related questions

Which is longer 20 miles or 20 kilometer?

Miles are longer i think as on a speedometer 100miles an hour is faster than 100kmph!x

Is 30 mph faster or 30 km per hour faster?

30 mph, as a mile is longer than a kilometer.

How fast is 1 kilometer in miles per hour?

Less than 1 mile per hour.

Is x kilometers per hour faster than x miles per hour?

No, miles are bigger!

Is 45 kilometers per hour faster or slower than 26 miles per hour?

45 km per hour is slightly faster than 26 miles per hour (45km/h = 27.9617 mph).

Which is faster 60km or 60 miles per hour?

Since kilometers are bigger than miles, 60 km per hour would be faster

How fast did passenger planes fly in 1955?

The fastest passenger plane in 1955 was the DC7. It flew at about 375 miles an hour, however, it could fly faster than 400 miles an hour. Most airplanes flew faster than 300 miles an hour.

Which is bigger kilometer or miles?

miles is bigger than a kilometer...

What does a traffic sign 60 kilometer per hour on a road mean?

It means that driving at any speed faster than 60 kilometers per hour is prohibited by law. 60 kilometers per hour is the same as 37.3 miles per hour.

Are cougars faster than cheetahs?

They can run 60 miles per hour of course there faster!

What is faster - a lion or a jaguar?

I believe that the lion is faster than the jaguar.

What is a cat speed?

up to 31 miles an hour [ 5 miles faster than the fastest man]

Who is faster a zebra or a gazelle?

Gazelle are faster than zebras. Zebras can run up to thirty five miles per hour. Gazelle can run up to sixty miles per hour.

A rabbit can run as fast as 35 miles in an hour that is 26 miles an hour faster than a chicken can run how many miles an hour can achicken run?


Is 160 mph slower than 225 kilometer per hour?

No, it is faster. (160 mph = 257.5 km/h)

Is 649 miles in 11 hours faster than 442 miles in 8.5 hours?

Yes it is. It is 59 miles per hour, while the other is 52 miles per hour.

Is mile per hour greater than or less than kilometers per hour?

1 mile = 1.609344 kilometer 100 miles per hour = 160.93 kilometers per hour 1,000 miles per hour = 1,609.3 kilometers per hour

What animals run faster than cheetah?

nothing runs faster but the pergine falcon can fly up to 200 miles per hour! faster than the cheetah

Is ostriches faster than cheetahs?

Probably not. I think I heard that ostriches are faster than racehorses but not faster than cheetahs. If they could fly they might dive faster than a cheetah runs, HAHAHA! I suppose ostriches may run 45 miles per hour, and the super duper cheetah can run up to either 60, 65, 70, 71, or 75 miles per hour, STARTING at 45 miles per hour, as fast as an ostrich I think.

How fast does a cough travel?

Faster than 100 miles per hour from what I hear.

How long does it take to drive a km?

To drive a kilometer will take about 65 seconds if you are going 55 miles an hour. One kilometer is equal to a little more than a normal mile. If you are going 70 miles an hour, it may only take about 50 seconds.

Is a Lynx faster than a Bobcat?

Yes. A Lynx can run about 35 miles per hour, while a Bobcat runs about 24 miles per hour.

Are kangaroos faster then humans?

The kangaroo is much faster than a human and can run up to 45 miles per hour. A human being is only capable of speeds up to 26 miles per hour.

Is 30 miles per hour less than 60 kilometer per hour?

less. I think kilometres are 5/8 of a mile so 30 miles would be around 48km.

Can eagles dive faster than 100 miles per hour?

an eagles soaring speed is 50kilometers per hour