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Yes it's totally normal

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Q: Is 100 pounds normal for a 5'1' 13-year-old girl?
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Is 100 pounds normal for a 10 year old girl?

It is a bit high.

What is the normal weight for a 5 ft girl?

well, the normal weight for a 5 foot girl is probably about 100-125 pounds depending on your age. for a 4 foot girl would probably be 50-70 pounds depending on your height. I am 12 and I am 4'11' and 90 pounds. I guess that is normal weight.

How much should a 4' 9 girl weigh?

i am 4'9 and wiegh around 80-85 pounds. This is a normal wieght.

Is 141 pounds normal for a 12 year old girl?

Average weight for a 12 year girl is a little under 100 pounds. 141 pounds is well above average unless the girl is also very tall.

Is 80 pounds normal for a 12 year old girl that's 4 feet 9 inches?

that is in fact normal not bad at all 100% normal

Is 235 pounds too heavy for a 5 foot 5 inch girl to weigh?

235 pounds is around 100 pounds too heavy for good health and a normal active life.

Is it normal for a 14 year old girl 5'3 to barley weigh a 100 pounds?

Yes. You are probably a little underweight but not too much.

Is 100 pounds normal weight for a 5'5 girl?

Yes, if at all its slightly less than average but that's not a bad weight at all. You can go to various websites that allow you to type in your height and they give you a suggested weight estimate. They aren't perfectly accurate but they are close. Also remember everyone is different so 100 pounds to one girl at 5'5" can be completely different than another girl who is 100 pounds and 5'5"

Is it normal for a 12 year old to weigh 100 pounds?

If you're 12, you shouldn't be worrying about these things but 100 pounds is definitely normal. I'd say anything between 90-130 pounds is about average.

What is a healthy weight for a 5'3'' 12 year old girl?

atleast 100 pounds atleast 100 pounds

What is the normal weight of 12 years?

100 to 120 pounds.

What is the normal weigh for an 11 year old?

about 100 pounds