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100 g is less than 1 kg

100 g < 1 kg

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100 g is ten times less than 1 kg (1000 g)

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yes it is

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greater than

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Q: Is 100g greater than or less than 1kg?
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Related questions

What is greater 1kg or 100g?


Is 1kg bigger less than 750g?

There are 1000g in a kg so 1kg is greater than 750g(.75kg).

Which is the heavier 100g or 1kg?

1kg, because it equals to 1000g.

How many kg equals 100g?

100g is one tenth of 1kg 10 x 100g = 1kg

What is the greater volume 1kg of copper or 1kg of gold?

Copper will have the larger volume because it is less dense than gold.

Is 3 kg greater than or less than 3 g?

3kg is greater than 3g 1kg = 1000g

Is 100g 1kg?

No. 1kg = 1000g

Is 1kg less than 1 pound?

It's greater than. 1 kg = 2.2lbs

Is the mass of an pumpkin less than 1kg?

if it is 1 pumpkin so it is less than 1kg but if it more than 1 so it is more than 1kg...

How much is 100g?

a 100g is one-tenth of 1kg which is 1000g

What is bigger 100g or 10kg?

10kg is 100 times bigger than 100g1kg = 1,000g

Which is greater 1 lb or 1 kg?

1kg is greater than 1lb (1kg = approx 2.2lb)

What is 710 of 100g?

100g x 10 = 1kg Answer: 71kg

Is 2kg greater than or less than 1500g?

2kg is greater than 1500g 1000g=1kg, so 2000g=2kg 2000g&gt;1500g

There is a 100 grams in what?

100g is equal to 1kg

Which is heavier 1100g or 1kg?


Is 12kg greater less than or equal to 10000 g?

1kg = 1000g, so 10000g = 10kg. 12kg &gt; 10kg.

How much kg is 100 gram?

There are 10 x 100g in 1Kg. Therefore there are 0.1Kgs in 100g

Is 200 g greater than 1 kg?

If 1000 grams = 1Kg The answer is :- 1kg is bigger than 200grams beacause 200 grams is Smaller than 1Kg

Is 1kg equals 100g?

No. The metric prefix kilo- means 1000, so 1kg = 1000g.

Is a pound more than kilo?

No 1lb is less than 1Kg

How many grams are in 1.04 kg?

104 g , there are 100g in 1kg

What dose 1 kg equal?

1kg = 100g (grams 1kg= 1 litre = 100 ml (millilitres)

Is 1Kg greater than 1005g?

One kilogram is 1000 grams, 1005 grams is greater than 1000 grams, so 1005 grams is greater than one kilogram..

Why would 1kg of lead be less akward to carry around than 1kg of. feathers?

Because it is smaller in volume.

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Which is the heavier 100g or 1kg?

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