Is 1024 a perfect square

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Yes, 32² = 1024.

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Q: Is 1024 a perfect square
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What is the first perfect square after 1000?


What is a least four digit number that is a perfect square?


What is a least four-digit number that is a perfect square?


What number is a perfect square and has a factor of 32?

How about: 32*32 = 1024

What is the smallest 4 digit perfect squa re?

1024, square of 32.

Is thirty two a square number?

If you mean is it a perfect square, then no; it is an irrational number (square root of 32 is 5.6568544249). But if you mean can it be squared, then yes; 32 squared is 1024

Square root 1024?

32 32X32=1024

What is the square root of 1024?

32 32X32=1024

Square numbers between 1000 and 2000?

The squares of the numbers 32, 33, 34,...,44 the square of the first number 32 is 1024 the square of the last number 44 is 1936

What is the square root of 9018?

1. Find the biggest perfect square root you can see in the number √9x1002 2. Factor the square root out of the radical √3x3x1002= 3√1002 3. Repeat steps one and two until there are no more perfect squares. 3√1002 4. Since there are no more perfect squares in this you can leave it as this simplified radical or you can guesstimation the square root of it by finding out which two square roots it is in between and add a decimal to the smaller perfect square and put the appropriate decimal point depending on the distance from each perfect square. 1002 is in between 312(961) and 322(1024) and its closer to 1024 so its about 31.8. Then you you multiply the square root with the perfect square root so you get 3x31.8=95.4 and you can use either the guesstimation or the simplified radical.

The perimeter of a square driveway is 1024 ft what is the area of this driveway?

1024/4=256x256=65536 square feet

What is the square rote of 1024?


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