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102 = 100 and the prime factors of 100 in exponents are 22*52 = 100

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Q: Is 10 to the second power the same as the prime factorization of 100?
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Prime factorization for 50?

The prime factorization of fifty is 2x5^2 which is the same as 2 times 5 to the second power.

Is 10 to the power of 2 the same as the prime factorization of 2?


Is the factorization of 24 the same as the prime factorization of 24?


Is the product of a prime number the same as the prime factorization?

A prime factorization is the same as expressing a composite number as the product of its prime factors. Prime numbers don't have factorizations; they're already prime.

Can 2 numbers have the same prime factorization?

Only if they're the same number. Every composite number has a unique prime factorization.

Is 10 power of 2 same as prime factorization of 100?

No. 10 isn't prime. Try 2^2 x 5^2

Is there more then one prime factorization of 576?

No. Every composite number has one unique prime factorization. You can write it with or without exponents, but it's still the same prime factorization.

How do you find the prime factorization of 45?

you can find the prime factorization by taking 45 and splitting it down by what can be multiplied to get 45. then you take those second numbers and do the same thing. keep doing it until you can't split up the numbers up anymore. GOOD LUCK and the answer is...3 to the second power times five........or 3*3*5 there you go

Can two different numbers have the same prime factorization?


Is 100 the same as the prime factorization of 100?

No. The prime factorization of 100 is 2 x 2 x 5 x 5.

If you factor with different numbers do you get the same prime factorization?


Could 2x4x5x9x11 be the prime factorization of a number?

No because all the numbers in a prime factorization must be prime. The number 9 is not prime. It should be 3 *3. same thing with 4, should be 2*2. So what would be a prime factorization is 2x2x2x3x3x5x11.

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