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no. in china and Japan the unlucky number is 4 because it sounds like the dead

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Q: Is 13 a unlucky number everywhere?
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What's the luckiest number?

There is no universal "luckiest" number as luck is subjective and can vary from person to person or culture to culture. Some common lucky numbers include 7, 8, and 9 in different cultures around the world. Ultimately, the luckiest number is whatever holds personal significance or brings you positive energy.

What is the unlucky number in Russia?

The unlucky number in Russia is 13.

Is 13 an unlucky number?

the number 13 is unlucky because there were 13 steps to the gaols (the haging rope)

What are some unlucky numbers?

A lot of numbers can be unlucky, depending on which period of time you are asking about, or what background you have. The most common unlucky numbers are 13, 666 (the number of Satan) and 4 - in Greek Mythology, the lucky number was 3 so 4 was an unlucky number.

In the United Kingdom is the number 13 considered to be lucky or unlucky?


All the facts about the number 13?

13 is not an unlucky number it is superstitious. I love the number 13

13 is you f s?

13 is unlucky number for some

Why is the number 13 considered unlucky?

There are many theories on why people believe the number 13 is unlucky, but none of them have been proven likely. Many people also feel that the number 13 is lucky.

Is 13 a lucky number or unlucky number?

No, there is no such thing as a lucky or unlucky number: there is only superstition.

What lucky number is the opposite of the unlucky number 13?

The number 12

Why there is no number 13 in racing tracks?

Because 13 is considered by some to be an unlucky number

Is the number 13 considered to be lucky or unlucky?

Unlucky in most cultures.However in Judaism 13 is actually considered a lucky number. The age when a boy becomes a man.