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No, lighter. There are 16oz (avoirdupois) to a pound (lb). So 229oz / 16oz = 14.3125lb

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Q: Is 14 pounds bigger than 229 ounces?
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Is 14 ib greater than 229 oz?

14 pounds (16 ounces/1 pound) = 224 ounces ============No.

What is greater 14 pounds or 229 oz?

224 = 14 x 16 229 is 5 greater

How much is 104 kilosgrams in pounds?

104 kilograms is 229.28 pounds or 229 pounds and 4.49 ounces.

104 kilograms how much is the weight?

104 kilograms is 229 pounds 4 ounces.

Is 14 lb bigger than 229 oz?


How many pounds are there in 229 tons?

There are 2000 pounds in one ton. Therefore, 229 pounds is equal to 229 x 2000 = 458000 pounds.

How many English pounds in 229 us dollars?

158.884341 british pounds in 229 u.s dollars

How much does 229 kilos weigh in Us pounds?

229 kilograms = 504.85858 pounds

What is the Australian sea lions diet?

they weight up to 134 to 229 pounds they weight up to 134 to 229 pounds

How much is 229 in pounds?

229 what? Are you asking to convert from one weight to another? Kilograms to Pounds?? Re-phrase your Q.

Which is bigger 14 lb or 229 oz?

14lb is 224oz so 229oz is bigger

Is -229 greater than -150?


What is 16 stone 5 in pounds?

16 stone 5 = 229 pounds

How many kilograms is 229 lbs 4oz's?

229 pounds 4 oz = 104 kilograms.

What is 229kg in pound?

229 kilograms is ~504.86 pounds.

Is 2750 lbs equal to 229 gallons?

Pounds is a measurement of weight, and gallons is a measurement of volume. Liquids do not all weigh the same, so 229 gallons of one liquid will weigh more than 229 gallons of a different liquid. So they might be the same for a particular liquid, but since you didn't specify a particular liquid, there's no way a person can tell you if it will weigh 2750 pounds or not.

How many kilograms is 229 pounds?

229 pounds = 103.873 kilograms or 103 kilograms 872.653 grams1 pound ~= 0.45359 kilograms1 kilogram ~= 2.2046 pounds

How much does a gallon of water weight at 229 degrees?

About 8.35 pounds or 3.8kg

Is 229 a prime number?

Yes - 229 has no positive integer factors other than itself and 1.

How many calories in 3.5 oz of veal?

In an average cooked veal there are about 229 calories in 3.5 ounces.

How many English pounds are they in 229 us dollars?

As of 20Feb09 USD29 was worth GBP158.50

How much does Martin Maldonado weigh?

MLB player Martin Maldonado weighs 229 pounds.

How much does Tony Sanchez weigh?

MLB player Tony Sanchez weighs 229 pounds.

How much does Bryan Allen weigh?

NHL player Bryan Allen weighs 229 pounds.

How much does Luke Schenn weigh?

NHL player Luke Schenn weighs 229 pounds.

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