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greater than

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Q: Is 15000ml less than or greater than 1.5 L?
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Is 15 gallons less than or greater than 50 liters?

Greater; about 89.27 liters.

Is .15 greater or less than .6?

.15 is less than .6 is.

Is -15 greater than or less that 12?

-15 is less than 12

How many composite numbers are greater than 50 but less than 70?

There are 15 composite numbers greater than 50 but less than 70

Is -4.8 greater than or less than -15?


Is it possible to divide 15 by a mixed number and get a quotient that is greater than 15?

No. A mixed number is greater than 1 since it has a non-zero whole number (which is at least 1) and a fraction (which is greater than 0); any number divided by a number greater than 1 will be less than the original number. So 15 divided by a mixed number will be less than, not greater than, 15.

Is 178 millimeters less than greater than or equal to 15 centimeters?

178 mm = 17.8 cm which is greater than 15 cm

Is 14 greater than 15?

14 is less than 15. 1/4 is greater than 1/5, if that is what you meant.

Is 11 less than -15?

No because 11 is greater than -15

What integer is less than -14 but greater than -20?


Is -15 greater than or les than 5?

Less than. -15 is 20 less than 5.

What is the number of odd integers greater than 5 and less than 15?

The odd integers greater than 5 and less than 15 are 7, 9, 11, and 13, a total of four of them.

How is 15 30ths greater than 1 3rd but less than 2 3rd?

Because 15/30 is a 1/2 which is greater than a 1/3 but less than 2/3

Is 21.6 greater or less than 15?

It is greater by 6.6

Is 15 pints greater than or less than 8 quarts?

15 pints is 7.5 quarts, so less than.

Is -15 less than or more than 5?

Less. Although "15" may be more than 5, the negative sign means that the "15" is actually less than 0. Since 5 is greater than 0 and -15 is less, -15 is less than 5.

Is 2 gallons greater than or less than 15 pints?

2 gallons is greater.

Is 150 inches greater or less than 15 feet?

15 ft is GREATER THAN 150 inches. 15*12 = 180inches.

What is the even number greater than 12 but less than 15?

The only two integer numbers greater than 12 and less than 15 are 13 and 14. Of these, only 14 is even. Therefore, the answer is 14.

Is 15 pints greater or less than 8 quarts?

15 pints or 7.5 quarts is less than 8 quarts.

How many ml 15 l?

Liter is 1000ml so 15 liters is 15000ml

Is 15 feet greater or less than 160 inches?

15 feet = 180 inches, so 15 feet is greater

9 less than what number is 6?

Nine greater than 6 is equal to 15. Therefore, 9 less than 15 is 6.

Is -15 greater or less than -7?


Is 8 greater or less than -15?