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yes it is

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โˆ™ 2018-01-16 23:43:53
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Q: Is 1500ml bigger than 1.5 l?
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Related Questions

Which is bigger 1500 mL or 15 L?

15L, which is exactly ten times as large as 1500mL (or 1.5L).

Is 1500ml greater than or less than 1.5 L?

it is the same amount =)

Is 15 gal smaller than 50 L?

no, it is bigger

Is 1500mL larger than 1.5 L?

No. Since 1L is equal to 1000mL, these two measurements are equal.

Is 21480 mL bigger than 214.8 L?

No. 214.8 L is bigger.

Is a L bigger than a milliliter?

Yes a L=1000ml (a L is 1000 bigger than a ml!)

Which is bigger KL or L?

KL is bigger than L.

Is ml bigger than a l?

No, l milliliter is not bigger than 1 liter. It takes 1000 ml to equal L.

1500ml equals how many liters?

1500 ml = 1.5 L

Which one is greater 1500 mL or 15 L?

15 L is bigger.

Is 80 l bigger than 80 ml?

Yes liters (L) are bigger than milliliters (mL).

What is bigger cl or l?

L is bigger just because it is and yea...

Is 50 l bigger or smaller than 500 ml?

50 litre is 100 times bigger than 500 ml

What is bigger 1500mL or 1.5 L?

There are 1000 millilitres in one litre. Therefore, 1.5 litres is equal to 1.5 x 1000 = 1500 millilitres. The two units are therefore identical.

Is 0.09 L bigger or is 0.3 bigger?

0.3 is bigger than 0.09

What is bigger ml or l?

Litre is bigger than Mililetre

Is 10 L bigger than 1000 ML?

10 L is bigger than 1000 mL. 10 L is equal to 10 000 mL.

Is a ml bigger than a l?


Which is bigger 4 L or 450o mL?

4500 mL is bigger than 4 L4500 mL = 4.5 L > 4 L

Is 1500mL more than 1.5 L?

No, it is the same amount just in different measurements. There are 1,000 ml in 1 litre, so 1,500 ml = 1.5 l.No.They are the same volume.

Is 82.5 Liters bigger or smaller than 825 miLliters?

Bigger 825 mL = 0.825 L 0.825 L < 82.5 L

Is 4.1 leters bigger than 41000 miloleters?

1000 ml = 1 L. So, 41000 ml = 41 L. 4.1 L < 41 L. Thus, no 4.1 L is not bigger than 41000 ml.

What is bigger 6.2 l or 620 ml?

6.2 L is bigger than 620 mL6.2 L = 6200 mL620 mL = 0.62 L

Which is bigger 6.2 L or 620 milliliter?

6.2 L is bigger than 620 mL.6.2 L = 6200 mL > 620 mL

What ls bigger 10 l or 1000ml?

If you are comparing liters and milliliters, you'll find that liters are bigger than milliliters. There are 1000 mL in 1 L. There are 10,000 mL in 10 L, so it is bigger than 1000 mL.