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Q: Is 15oz bigger than 2oz
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What is half of 15oz?

what is half of 15oz power

What is 3lbs and 2oz?

3lbs and 2oz is a weight of 3lbs and 2oz.

How much THC to overdose?

Lol, seriously, more than you can use in a lifetime.! Although you will get black lung and die from SMOKING anything after about 1/2oz-2oz(estimate).

What drink has 2oz white creme de cacao 2oz banana liqueur and 2oz of light cream?


15oz equals how many cups?

Two cups is 16 , so this is jut slightly less than 2 cups.

How much does toothpaste weigh?

toothpaste weighs around 15oz toothpaste weighs around 15oz

What does 586 2oz mean?

If you have 586 2oz containers then you have a total of 1172 oz.

Is 0.9 bigger than 0.909?

No. 0.909 is bigger than 0.9

What food and drink did they get in ww1?

ONE PERSONS WEEKLY RATION INCLUDES: * 4oz bacon or ham * 3 pints milk per week * 2oz butter * 2oz margarine * 2oz fat/lard * 2oz tea * 1 egg per week * 2oz jam * 3oz sugar * 1oz cheese 3oz sweets

How many ounces is a medium sized can?

cans = 4oz, 8oz, 14.5 oz, 15oz, 26oz there is no standard but a medium would be 14.5 to 15oz depending on the product.

What is 2 oz in g?

2oz = 56 grams ( a more accurate answer is 56.7grams = 2oz )

Is the Sun bigger than Earth?

No, the Earth is not bigger than the Sun. The Sun is 109x bigger than the Earth.

How much food did the soldiers get in world war 1?

The soldiers didn't get much. this is 1 soldiers weekly rations 1 lb oz of meat, 4oz bacon or ham, 3 pints milk, 2oz butter, 2oz margarine, 2oz fat or lard, 2oz tea, 1 egg, 2oz jam, 3oz sugar, 1oz cheese and 3oz sweets.

How do you get half of 15oz?

Divide 15 by 2.

How much is 15oz in milliliter?

444 ml

What is 2oz in pounds?

16oz = 1 pound 2oz = 1/8 pound

20Z equal to how many gram?

It's not 2OZ, it's 2oz. Just over 56g.

How many cups in 2oz of oil?

There are 8oz in a cup, so 2oz would be 1/4 cup.

Is an ounce bigger than a milliliter?

yes an ounce is bigger than a milliliter.

Is 0.7 bigger than 0.09?

0.07 is bigger than 0.09

How many kilograms is 15 ounces?

15oz = 0.425kg

How many grams are in 0.15 oz?

.15oz is 4.25g

How many grams are in 15 ounces?

15oz = 425.625g

How many oz in 425 grams?

425g = 15oz

How many cups is in 15oz?

That is approximately 1.9 cups.