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18000 g is equivalent to 18 kg. So, 18000 g is greater than 10 kg.

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Q: Is 18000g greater than 10kg
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Which is greater 18000 g or 10 kg?

18000g = 18kg 18kg>10kg Therefore, 18000g is greater than 10kg.

What is 18000g to 10kg?

greater than

What is greater 18000g or 10kg?

18000g = 18 kg and is more than 10 kg

18000g or 10kg?

18000 g is greater.

Is 18000 g greater then 10 kg?

You should know that there are a 1000g in a Kg so 18000g =18Kg which is Yes greater than 10Kg.

Is 18000g greater then 10kg?

One kg (kilogram) is 1,000 grams. 18,000 grams would be 18 kg. 18 is larger than 10.

Which is greater 18000g or 10kg?

18,000 grams is more than 10 kilograms. 10 kilograms is only 10,000 grams.

Is 18000 g equal to less than or greater than 10 kg?

18000g is 18 kg, so 18000g is greater than/weighs more than 10 kg.

Is 12kg greater less than or equal to 10000 g?

1kg = 1000g, so 10000g = 10kg. 12kg > 10kg.

Which has the greater density 5kg of lead or 10kg of aluminum?

Lead will always have the greater density compared to aluminium. The weight only influences the volume in question. 10kg of Al will be much more(bigger in size) than 5kg of lead.

If the output force is greater than the input force of a simple machine Is the mechanical advantage greater than one?

The mechanical advantage (MA) of a machine is output/input. If you have a input of 10kg and a output of 40kg then the MA is 40/10 or 4. If you have a input of 40kg and a output of 10kg then the MA is 10/40 or 0.25. If the output force is greater than the input force of a simple machine the mechanical advantage is greater than one. If the output force is less than the input force, the mechanical advantage is less than one.

Which is greater 8100 grams or 10 kilograms?

8100g=8.1Kg.So 10Kg is greater

Is 18000 grams larger than 10 kilograms?

yes, 18000g = 18kg

Which is greater 18 000g or 10kg?

18 000 grams.

Which one is bigger 1.3kg or 10kg?

10kg as it is 8.7kg bigger than 1.3kg

Can 10kg with a normal torque caused by gravitation lift up 5kg with a greater torque?


Is 10kg bigger than 10 tons?


Is 20lb more than 10kg?


Does Is 10kg have more volume than 10kg of water vapor?

You need to learn how to type, it makes u look like a retard

Which is greater 10 kg or 10 lb?

There are 2.2 pounds in each kilogram therefore 10 kg = 22 lb. So 10kg is more than twice as much as 10lb.

How many kilograms are in 18000 grams?

18kg for 18000g

What is bigger 100g or 10kg?

10kg is 100 times bigger than 100g1kg = 1,000g

A 5 kg object has less intertia than a . object?


What of 10kg is 250g?

What % of 10kg is 250g

Which weighs more 10kg stack of books or 10kg piece of Styrofoam?

They weigh the same . . . 10kg.