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It is an odd number. Any number ending in a 1,3, 5, 7, or 9 is an odd number.

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it is odd; all numbers ending in 1,3,5,7, and 9 are odd

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It is odd.

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Q: Is 185 even or odd
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Is 185 an even number or odd?


How many odd and even dates in a year?


When you add to even numbers is the answer always even?

Yes. Even + Even = Even, Odd + Odd = Even and Even + Odd or Odd + Even = Odd

If you add 3 to an even number the sum would be odd or even?

Odd. Even + Even = Even Odd + Odd = Even Odd + Even = Even + Odd = Odd

Does multiplying an odd number by an even number give an even answer?

odd * odd = odd answer even * even = even answer odd * even = even answer

Is even times even odd?

even times even = even odd times even = even odd times odd = odd

Is an odd number times an eveen number always even?

Yes. Odd times odd is odd. Odd times even is even. Even times even is even.

Why are all multiples of 3 odd and even?

The multiples of all odd numbers are odd and even. Odd x odd = odd. Odd x even = even. Since odd and even numbers alternate, the multiples will alternate as well.

How will you put twentyone marbles in four boxes using odd number without repetition?

it's impossible because the sum of any two odd numbers equals an even number; odd# + odd# = even#. even# +even# = even#. odd# + odd# + odd# + odd# = even#.

Is the sum of an odd number and an even number always even?

No. Sum of odd + odd = even Sum of odd + even = odd Sum of even + even = even

What is even times even equal?

even times even = even odd times odd = odd even times odd = even

Which ones even and which ones odd?

The odd one out makes the even one in making the odd and even even one odd until the even ones are odd including the ones that aren't even

What happens when you add two even numbers Will you get an even number?

Always. even + even = even odd + odd = even even + odd = odd odd + even = odd To summarise, if you add like numbers you get even, otherwise you get odd.

What are 5 odd numbers added up that equal up to 20?

There is no such combination to form an even no. 20 by combing 5 odd nos. as odd+odd=even even +even=evenodd+even=odd even+odd=odd adding 5 odd like

What is odd even equal?

odd even witch is terms for odd times even equals even

What combination of numbers always results in an odd number?

Multiply two odd numbers Add an even and an odd Subtract an odd and an even

Would an even plus and even equal an even?

Yes it would Even + even = even Even + odd = odd Odd + odd = even

How many odd days are in a year How many even days?

there are 365 days in a year so there are 180 even days and and 185 odd days in a year and just so u no i am in 6th grade and showed all my work and have had striaght a's since 1st grade so i think u will be able to trust me thank you

What is the sum of one odd and one even?

Odd + even = odd

Is 183.00 even or odd?

odd in dollars but even in cents odd

Is the sum of an odd number and an even number odd or even?


Is 99 even or odd?

Odd. even. not odd

Do an odd and an odd equal an odd?

No -an odd and an odd equals even ( 5+3=8) -an even and an odd equals odd (2+3=5) -an even and an even equals even (4+6=10)

Can 5 odd numbers that if you add them make 32?


Is 150 a odd or even?