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Yes, it is a perfect square.

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Q: Is 196 a squre number
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What is the squre number between 101 and 200?

Take your pick from: 121, 144, 169 and 196

When you subtruct one squre number from another the answer is 7 what is tow squre number?

They are 9 and 16

Is 5 a squre number?


What is a number divided into the squre of 16?

The answer is 256/the number .

Is 64 a squre number?

64 is a perfect square number.

What number divides 196?

How about: 196/2 = 98

Is square root of 196 irrational?

√196 is rational. √196 = √(14^2) = 14 - a whole number which is also a rational number.

Which number is the square root of 196?

sqrt(196) = 14 ====

Which is 196 written as a power of a number?


What number multiplied itself equals 196?


What is squre array?

A square array is an array in which the number of rows is the same as the number of columns.

Is a 44 squre number?

44 is a square number but not of an integer so it is not a perfect square.

What number multiplied itself the product is 196?


What is the palindrome of 196?

There actually has been no palindrome found for the number 196.

What is the name of the Pokemon number 196 on Pokemon ruby?

#196 is Latias.

Is 4000 a squre number?

4000 is a square number but it is not the square of an integer so it is not a perfect square number.

What is a squre number in math?

A number multiplied by itself is a square number as for example 6*6 = 36

What is the least number to be added to 7000 to make it a perfect squre?


What is the 6 squre number?

It is: 36 because 6 squared = 36

Is the number 196 composite prime or neither?

Since 196 is a positive even integer it is a composite number.

Is 196 a prime number?

196 is not a prime number; it is divisible by several numbers such as 2, 4, and others.

What number cubed equals 196?

It is the irrational number which is approx 5.8088

Is 2 a squre number?

2 is a square number but, because it is not a square of an integer, it is not a perfect square.

Is the square root of 3 an irrational number?

YES.... squre root of 3 is in irrational number..

What is the prime factorization for the number 196?

196 = 2 * 2 * 7 * 7