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No 1 quarter is bigger

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Q: Is 1 8th larger then 1 quarter?
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What is larger 1 quarter or 1 fifth?

1 quarter is 25% larger than 1 fifth.

What is half of quarter?

the answer is 1/8th

One half of a quarter is?

(1/2) x (1/4) = 1/8th

Is half a quarter a fifth?

No, half of 1/4 would be 1/8th.

What is greater one fifth or one quarter?

1/4 is larger than 1/5.

Does 25th inch 1 8th of an inch?

No, 1/8 is much larger.

Is a quarter larger than a third?

No, 1/4 = 3/12, 1/3 = 4/12.

How many acres are in the north half of the southeast quarter?

1 section = 640 acres(north HALF) of (southeast QUARTER) = (1/2) x (1/4) = 1/8th section = 640/8 = 80 acres

What number is 100 times larger that a quarter?

100 x 1/4 = 100/4 = 25

Is two fifths less than one quarter?

No, 2/5 is larger than 1/4.

What is bigger a quarter or a fifth?

1/4 is larger than 1/5 1/4 of a $1 = 25 cents 1/5 of a $1 = 20 cents

Is a 2 and one fourth camera's film is larger than a 35mm camera?

It's spoken as two and a quarter, and yes it is larger since 2 1/4 inches is larger than the imperial equivalent of 35mm (1 1/2" approximately).

What is larger one quarter or one eighth?

one quarter is the largest, one eighth is more(8)of smaller and 1/4 is less(4)of Bigger pieces

How many quarter notes in a half note?

Here is the correct basic values in music theory: Quarter note = 1 beat = two 8th notes Whole note = 4 beats = two half notes Half note = 2 beats = two 8th notes Half Dotted note = 3 beats = one Half note + one Quarter note Half Dotted quarter note = (1.5) beat = one Quarter note + one 8th note 8th note = (1/2) beat= two 16th notes 16th note = (1/4) beat = two 32nd notes 32nd note = (1/16) beat = two 64th notes 64th note = (1/32) beat = two 128th notes

Which is larger 0.025 or 0.01?

0.01 is larger, because 0.025 is a quarter of 0.01

What is equivalent to a quarter?

1 Quarter=25 Pennies 1 Quarter=5 Nickels 1 Quarter=2 Dimes and 1 Nickel 1 Quarter=1 Dime and 15 Pennies 1 Quarter=3 Nickels and 1 Dime There are other combinations but those are some. These are some worldwide equivalencies. 1 Quarter=.2470325 of the Canadian Dollar 1 Quarter=.1990075 of the Euro 1 Quarter=.1574 of the British Pound 1 Quarter=1.52034 of the Egyptian Pound 1 Quarter=149.75875 of the Rwandan Franc 1 Quarter=.0001475 of Gold (oz.) 1 Quarter=.00016 of Platinum (oz.) (The worldwide equivalencies are from September 5, 2012)

Is one quarter larger than one eighth?

Yes. You can see this if you convert them to decimals 1/4 = .25 1/8 = .125

How do you play Yankee doodle but a little funky?

what you play is ffgafaggffgaffe in 8th notes then ffgabflatagfecdeff in quarter notes then repeat back to the beginning but instead of ffgafaggffgaffe in 8th notes you play it in quarter notes and instead of ffgabflatagfecdeff in quarter notes you play it in 8th notes it sounds so cool

Is a industrial barbell larger than a quarter?


Which is bigger 0.5 or three quarter?

0.75 is larger

What is 1 quarter plus 1 quarter?

Since 1 + 1 = 2, then 1 quarter + 1 quarter is 2 quarters. 2 quarters make 50 cents.

How many 16th notes in quarter note?

4.because there is 2 8th notes in a quarter note and a 16th note is half an 8th note, so there are 4 16th notes in a quarter note because 2x2=4

How much can a Quarter Horse weigh?

Some of the larger Quarter Horses can weigh 1200 lbs. and up.

Is a quarter moon larger or smaller then a gibbous moon?

A quarter moon is smaller than a gibbous moon.

What is a quarter after 1?

The phrase, "It's a quarter after 1" means it's 1: 15.1:15 Since a quarter is a quarter (1/4th) of an hour-or 15 mins.