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No. 1 kilometer is only 1% of the length of 100 kilometers,

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Q: Is 1 kilometer longer than 100 kilometer?
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What is longer a meter or a kilometer?

A kilometer is 1000x longer than a meter. 1 kilometer = 1000 meters

Which is bigger a mile or kilometer?

1 kilometer is 0.6214 of a mile. 1 mile is longer than 1 kilometer.

What is longer meter or kilometers?

A Kilometer is longer than a Meter. 1 Kilometer = 1,000 Meters

What distance is greater than 1 kilometer?

Two kilometers, is, of course, greater than 1 kilometer. A mile is also longer than a kilometer.

What is longer 1 millimeter or 1 kilometer?

One kilometer is one million times longer than millimeter.The simple answer to this simple question is,simply :- 1 kilometer.

How much bigger is a mile than a kilometer?

1 mile = 1.609344 kilometer (rounded) 1 mile is 609.344 meters longer than 1 kilometer. (rounded) 1 mile is 2,000 feet longer than 1 kilometer. (rounded)

Which is longer 1 km or 1 mi?

A mile is longer than a kilometer.

How many more inches longer a mile is than a kilometer?

1 kilometer = 39,370 inches 1 mile - 63,360 inches 1 mile is 23,990 inches longer than a kilometer

Is a 100 meters more than 1 kilometer?

No because 1,000 meters = 1 kilometer

Which is longer meter kilometer millimeter centimeter?

The answer is kilometer. kilo means thousand . 1000 meters is obviously longer than one, milli mean 1/1000 and centi means 1/100 so these are shorter than a meter.

Is kilometers bigger than a meter?

Yes, a kilometer is longer than a meter. 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters

Is 800 meters longer than one kilometer?

No. 1 kilometer has 1,000 meters in it. That's longer than 800 meters.

What is longer 1 meter or 1 kilometer?


Which is longer a meter or a kilometer?

1 kilometer has 1,000 meters in it, so it's probably longer than one single meter.

Is 1 kilometer longer than 1500 meters?

500 meters.

What is greater mile or 1 kilometer?

Miles are longer than kilometers.

What is longer 1 kilometer or 25 centimeters?

1 kilometer

Which distince longer 801 meters or 1 kilo?

To answer question, what happens if you convert 1 kilometer to meter... the 1 kilometer becomes 1000 meters. Now, you can answer the question yourself... is 1000 meters longer than 801 meters? Yes it is! So, which distance is longer 801 meters or 1 kilometer? It is the 1 kilometer which has the longer (farther) distance.

What is more a meter or kilometer?

A kilometer is 1,000 times longer than a meter. 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters

If a meter is slightly larger than a yard stick then 1 kilometer is a little longer than how many feet?

1 kilometer = 3,280.8399 feet But, based on the question, the answer would be a little longer than 3,000 feet.

Which is bigger 4miles or 4km?

4 miles is longer than 4 kilometers. 1 mile is longer than 1 kilometer.

If 1 kilometer is approx. 5 miles which one is longer?

1 kilometer is no where near 5 miles, its more like, just over half a mile 1 km = 0.66 mile in the real world, where one mile is significantly longer than a kilometer. In your hypothetical example, a kilometer would be longer.

What is longer a 1 kilometer 1 meter?

1 kilometer = 1,000 meters

Which is longer a kilometer or a inch?

1 kilometer = 39370.07 in

What is longer kilometeror or centimeter?

Kilometer is longer because 1 kilometer = 10 centimeters