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Bigger - the higher the denominator of a fraction, the smaller the 'piece'

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Q: Is 1 sixth bigger or smaller than 1 eighth?
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Is nEGATIVE one sixth bigger than or smaller than negative five sixth?


What is bigger an eighth or a sixth?

a sixth, think of a pie, if you divide a pie into 6 sections, and take one that is a sixth. If you divide the same sixe pie into 8 sections, one slice is one eight, and it is smaller than a sixth.

Is one fifth less than one eighth?

No. A fifth is bigger because the pieces are bigger, rather than an eighth would have to be cut into smaller pieces.

What is smaller than one-sixth?

one-seventh one-eighth one-ninth etc.

Is two fifteenths bigger than one eighth?

No. Fifteenths are actually smaller.

Is four sixths bigger than five sixths?

It isn't bigger. It is smaller by one sixth.

What is bigger than 1 sixth but smaller than 2 thirds?


Is 1 5 bigger than 2 8?

1/5 An eighth piece is smaller *REMEMBER: The bigger to bottem number the smaller it is.*

Is one six smaller than one fourth?

If you have a fraction wall you will see that one quaurter is bigger than a sixth so yes one sixth is smaller...

Is one sixth greater than one eighth?

yes bc if you divide a circle in eight it would have smaller spaces, if you divided it into 6 you would have larger spaces, which is bigger, but besides what 1/6 is still bigger because its closer to 1

Is nine elevenths smaller than six sevenths?

No sixth sevenths is bigger :D hope i help

What is greater 1sixth or 1 eighth?

The greater the denominator the smaller its value. Since eight is greater than six the value of 1eighth is lesser than 1 sixth. Another way of saying, 1 eighth is nothing but dividing 1 into eight equal parts and 1 sixth is dividing into six equal parts. Obviously the 1 sixth part will be greater than one eighth. For eg. if you share a cake equally with eight friends, the slice be will smaller than when you share equally with six friends.