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Since 21 fails the divide by two test it would seem to be odd.

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Q: Is 21 a odd number
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Related questions

Is 21 a even number or a odd number?

21 is an odd composite number

Is 21 even or odd number?

An even number can be divided by 2 evenly. An odd number will have a remainder of 1 when divided by 2. 21 is an odd number.

Is 21 be a even or odd number?

It is odd.

Is 21 even or odd?

The number 21 is odd since it cannot be divided by two to make a whole number.

Is 21 a even number?

an odd number

What odd number is between 21 and 40 with a odd sum of 8?

There can be no number with an odd sum of 8 because 8 is not odd!

Is 21 odd number?


What are the 4 odd numbers equal to 21?

The sum of any four odd numbers will never be equal to an odd number.

Can odd numbers be composite?

If an odd number has more than two factors then it is a composite number but if it has only two factors then it is a prime number. Although all prime numbers are odd except for 2 many more odd numbers are composite numbers having more than two factors as for example 21 is an odd number whose factors are 1, 3, 7 and 21.

Which odd number below 100 has 12 factors?


What is the odd number between 10 and 21 which is not prime?


What odd number plus even number equals even number?


How many odd numbers are greater than 20 and less than 200?

First odd number greater than 20 is 21 Last odd number less than 200 is 199 → number of odd numbers between 20 and 200 is (199 - 21) ÷ 2 + 1 = 90

Which number is both prime and odd 7 9 21?


the number 5 is?


If you have two tens you are an odd number what number are you?

you could be 21, 23, 25, 27, or 29.

What is odd and a multiple of 7?

7 times any odd number. 7, 21, 35, and so on.

An odd number minus an odd number?

An odd number minus an odd number is an even number.

What happens when you subtract a odd number and an odd number?

when an odd number is subtracted from an odd number the answer is an even number.

What is the smaller number of The sum of two consecutive odd numbers is 44?

It is 21 because 21+23 = 44

Pick 6 digit from 9999 5555 3333 1111 and add them in order to get total 21?

This is impossible. 21 is an odd number and all these digits are odd. Whenever you add 6 odd numbers together, the answer is always even!

what happen if you subtract three odd numbers?

you get an odd number

What number am I I am a multiple of 7 and a factor of 210. The product of my two digits is odd. What number am I?

21 or 35

What is odd multiples of odd number?

These are the products of the given odd number and any odd number.

What is odd x odd?

An odd number times an odd number is an odd number no matter which 2 odds you multiply.