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It depends what classes you take in math.

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Q: Is 240 a good score on a fifth grade math map test?
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Where is a good site to find fifth grade math word problems?

Excel math has all levels of math

Is 225 a good score on a 6th grade math map test?

It depends on your school. In a regular school the average For a fifth grader is 220 so a 6th grader would have about 225 .So that is a good score you have passed the MAP.

Is 210 a good score on a 5th grade math map test?

No it is not a good score. That score would probably make the 20th or 25th percentile

Is 268 a good score on 5Th grade map testing in math?

Yes, it's VERY good. Above your grade average!

Is math score interval data?

No; since you refer to a math score (and not a math grade), it is ratio data.

Where can you find great math projects for fifth grade?

math magican

What does difference mean in fifth grade math?

to subtract

Is it good for a fifth grade MAP score to be 243?

that's a very good grade when i was in 5th grade i got a 251 i had a 99% range so all in all that's awesome (this is a different person). Good it is is the 95 percentile range

Can you score 500 on a nwea test?

It might be possible... if you are very smart!:) I know someone in fifth grade who got a 289 on a math nwea test Hope this helps! :)

Is 224 a good score on sixth grade math map testing?

no it is not i scored 155 in 6th grade dude that's a terrible score unless you mean 255. I scored a 288 you noobs.

What do you do to get your fifth grade math level up before you go into fifth grade?

Well, using a workbook before fifth grade during summer can help get your score up. There are some worksheets on the web of basic facts. Those are always helpful. You can also go back to old fourth grade papers and correct problems you missed. That will help you understand the process. Have fun!!!

What does range mean in fifth grade math?

what does range mean in fifth grade math?