Is 250 joules same as 2.45kW?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Is 250 joules same as 2.45kW?
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An object has 250 joules in total If 40 percent of this was potential energy how much potential energy is there?

Well, 40 percent of 250 I guess! Which, if you are not good at arithmetic is 100 Joules.

A certain household has consumed 250 units of energy during a monthhow much energy is this in joules?

To convert from energy units (kWh) to joules, you can use the conversion factor: 1 kWh = 3.6 × 10^6 joules. Therefore, 250 kWh is equal to 9 × 10^8 joules.

Is 3.25kcal the same amount of energy as 3.25jouls?

No, to convert from cal. to joules 1 cal. = 4.18400 joules , then 1KCal = (4.18400 *10^-3) joules so 3.25 kcal doesn't equal 3.25 Joules

What unit is the same as one million joules of energy?

One million joules of energy is equivalent to one megajoule (MJ).

Will the value of joules constant be same if AC were used instead of DC?

Joules measure energy (power x time). If the AC voltage is expressed as rms (root mean square) and not peak, and there are no capacitors or inductors in the circuit, then the joules per second (=power ) will be the same.

A pulley system is used to lift a 2000 newton engine up a distance of 3 meters. The operator must apply a force of 250 newtons to the chain of the pulley system to lift the motor. To lift the engine 3?

What is the value of Wi? 7,500 joules

How many metres in 250 metres?

250 meters is the same as 250 meters.

During the change in energy in a closed system during a specific interval of time was 15 Joules and 10 Joules of heat was radiated out of the system during the same period of time what is work?

work is -25 joules

What is 1 fifth of 250?

1 fifth of 250 is the same as 250/5=50

Is 250 grams of water the same as 250 millimeters of water?

No, 250 grams of water is a measure of mass (weight) while 250 milliliters of water is a measure of volume. The weight of water will vary depending on the temperature and pressure, but 250 milliliters of water will always have a volume of 250 milliliters regardless of external conditions.

What is 52 percent of 250?

52% of 250 is the same as 0.52 times 250 = 130

What is gravitational potential energy measured in?

Gravitational potential energy is typically measured in joules (J), which is the same unit used to measure other forms of energy.