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it is general that , 280 >200 mm.

Hence,280 millimeters long is bigger than 200 millimeters wide.

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Q: Is 280 millimeters long bigger than 200 millimeters wide?
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The farther out you go, the bigger it gets.

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What is larger a cell that is 125 micrometers wide or a cell that is 0.2 millimeters wide?

A cell that is 0.2 millimeters wide. A millimeter is equal to 1000 micrometers. Convert everything to millimeters, and the first cell will be 0.125 millimeters and the second cell will be 0.2 millimeters wide. The second cell is larger.

How many millimeters wide is an human egg cell?

How many millimeters wide is an human egg cell?

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21 millimeters is 2.1 centimeters.

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Your small intestine is about 1 inch (25mm) wide and about 22 feet (6 705.6 millimeters) long

What is 210 millimeters wide?

210 millimeters is 8.27 inches.

How wide is 17.5 millimeters?

17.5 millimeters is 0.69 inches.

How wide is 17 millimeters?

17 millimeters is 0.67 inches.

Is there breasts bigger than 9 inches wide?


A shed 25 feet long by 15 feet wide is that bigger than 25 square meters?

Yes. The area of that shed is 34.8386 m².

Do labrador's grow bigger than sheep dogs?

No, they are not as large or as wide.

What is the area in square millimeters of a rectangle that is 8.632 cm long and 26.41 mm wide?

2279.7112 sq mm

How wide is 6 millimeters?

6 millimeters is about 1/4 (0.24) inch.

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Is wide ruled and college ruled paper the same?

no. wide ruled has fewer, bigger lines than college ruled.

What is the area in square millimeters of a rectangle that is 7.431 cm long and 23.33 mm wide?

To have consistent units, just convert the centimeters to millimeters (multiply the number of centimeters by 10), and then multiply length x width.

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Overall the Titanic was larger than the Arizona. (BB-39)USS Arizona displaced 31,400 tons, was 608 ft long and 106 ft wide. RMS Titanic displaced 52,310 tons, was 882 ft long and 92 ft wide.

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A egg cell is 60-70 micro meters long(2) millimeters

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22 millimeters is 0.87 inch.