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Less than.

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Q: Is 2 cm less than greater than or equal to 1m?
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Is 1m greater or less than 650cm?

Less than. It takes 100 centimeters to equal 1 meter, therefore 650 centimeters is equal to 6.5 meters

Is 56cm less than greater than or equal to 6m?

there are 100 cm in 1m. Therefore 56 cm is equal to .56m or about half a meter. This is much less than 6 meters.

Is 50 cm greater than 5 dm?

no, they are equal. convert from 50 cm to dm by doing: 50cm(1m/100cm)(10dm/1m)=5dm

Is 990cm greater than 1m?


Is 82cm greater than or less than 1m?

82 cm is less than 1 m82 cm < 1 m

Is 1m greater than 2000 yards?

2000 yards is greater than one mile.

What is bigger 1m or 900cm?

Yes, 1m is less then 900 cm. 1 meter is equal to 1000cm.

Which is greater 200MM or 1M?

The answer to this problem is 1 m is greater than 200 mm

1000cm equal to 1m?

No.. 100 cm is equal to 1m

Is the length of a pencil less than 1m?


Which is greater 3ft or 1m?

A meter is 9.4% longer than a yard.

Which is greater 3m or 30dm?

They are equal. 1m = 10dm 3m = 30dm

Is 1000 cm cube equal to 1 m cube?

1m = 1000cm 1m cubed = 1m * 1m * 1m = 1000cm * 1000cm * 1000cm = 1,000,000,000cm cubed which does not equal 1000cm cubed.

1M ohm is equal to how many ohms?

1M ohm is equal to 1,000,000 ohms.

What is under 1m?

anything less then 1m?

1m is equal to how many cm?


Is 48cm greater than 4m?

No, 48 cm is only about 1/20 of 1m. So 4m is greater than 48 cm.

Can an owl got wings longer than 1m?

Yes, an owls wingspan can be far greater than 1m, some owls, such as the European eagle owl can span almost 2m in length

Does 1M equal one thousand?

does 1M stand for 1,000

What is the population of pugs?

It's 1M less than the number of iphone contracts

Is the pencil less than 1m?

It depends on which pencil you're talking about. Most pencils are made less than 1 meter long.

How much is 1m equal to?

1m= one million or one meter

What is the 1m equal of cm?

1m = 100cm = 1,000mm

What is greater 1m 17cm or 109cm?

1m 17cm > 109cm--1m 17cm = 117cm117cm > 109cm

What measurement is largest 1m or 990cm?

1m equal to 100cm.So 990cm is larger.