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I assume you mean 2 times pi. Since pi is irrational, 2 pi is also irrational.

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Q: Is 2 pied a rational number?
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What is -2 rational number?

The given whole number of -2 is a rational number

Is 2 a rational or irrational number?

2 is a rational number and it is also a prime number

Is number 2 rational or irrational?

2 is a rational number and it is also a prime number

Is -2 25 a rational number?

what is the rational number for 2/25

Is the square of 2 rational number?

Yes, the square of any rational number is also a rational number.The square root of 2 is not a rational number.

Is every rational number a perfect square?

No. Though every perfect square is a rational number, not every rational number is a perfect square. Example: 2 is a rational number but sqrt(2) is not rational, so 2 is not a perfect square.

Is .2 an irrational number?

No. Any number that has a finite number of digits if RATIONAL.

Is sum of any 2 rational number is a rational number?


Is half a rational number?

Yes 1/2 is a rational number

Is a rational number times a irrational number?

Can be irrational or rational.1 [rational] * sqrt(2) [irrational] = sqrt(2) [irrational]0 [rational] * sqrt(2) [irrational] = 0 [rational]

Is the following number rational or irrational -2?


What is the product of 2 rational numbers?

It is a rational number.

Is negative 2 3rds rational?

-2/3 is a rational number

How can 2 divided by 5 be expressed as a rational number?


Is every rational number a natural number?

No. 1/2 is a rational number but it is not a natural number.

What is a rational number-?

Rational number is the root of the number 2. This number cannot be written into a fractional.

Is a rational number is a rational expression?

Any number that can be expressed as a fraction is a rational number otherwise it is an irrational number.

The product of 2 negative rational number is?

A positive number, and also rational.

Is the base 2 logarithm of 32 a rational number or an irrational number?


Is two fifth a rational number?

Yes 2/5 is a rational number

Is every fraction on a rational number?

No. pi/2 is a faction but it is not a rational number.

Is 0.666666 a rational number?

Yes, it is a rational number. It is a rational number since it can be turned into the fraction 2/3, and all fractions are rational numbers.

Is 1000000 a rational number?


Is 3 over 2 a rational number?

A rational number is one where a whole number is over another whole number. 3 and 2 are both whole numbers so 3/2 is a rational number.

Is 15 divided by 2 rational or irrational number?