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No. Two tenths is 20%. One third is 33 1/3%

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Q: Is 2 tenths larger than 1 third?
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Related questions

Is 4 tenths larger than 1 third?

Yes, 4/10 is larger than 1/3

Is five tenths less than one third?

No. .5 (5/10) is larger than .33 (1/3).

Is one fourth larger than four tenths?

One-fourth is not larger then Four-tenths. One-fourth is equal to .25 of 1 Four-tenths is equal to .40 of 1.

Is one third equal to two tenths?

No. 1/3 = 0.333 and 2/10 = 0.2. That makes 1/3 larger than 2/10.

Is three tenths bigger than a third?

No. Three tenths is 0.300 and 1/3 = 0.333.

What decimal separates the places larger than 1 from those that are fractions of 1?

Tenths place separates the places larger than 1 from those that are fractions of 1.

Which is bigger 16.1 or 16.02?

16.1 is larger cause if the 1 is in the tenths then it has a larger value and 2 which is in the hundredths is a smaller value remember tenths are larger behind the decimal and more than tenths is a smaller value behind the decimal

Why are tenths larger than hundredths even though 10 is smaller number than 100?

Tenths are larger than hundredths because hundredths are 10 times smaller than the tenths.The first digit on the right means tenths. (1/10)As we move further right, everynumber gets10 times smaller.Thenext digit to the tenths is the hundredths, thus hundredths is 10 times smaller than the tenths (1/10 * 1/10 = 1/100)

Is 33 larger than one third?

Yes 33 is larger than 1/3

Is one half cup and one third equal two thirds?

no, it will be slightly bigger, 1 half is 1/6 larger than 1 third so 1 half and a third is 1/6 larger than 2/3

When is 1 third larger than 1 half?

Never. A third is 0.33% and a half is 50%. Their is never an occasion when this is untrue.

Is one third greater than or less than five tenths?

5/10 equals 1/2, therefore 1/3 is greater.

What is 1 and 2 tenths more than 8 tenths?

20 tenths

Is one greater than tenths or less?

1 is greater than tenths

Is one half less than one third?

No. .5 (1/2) is larger than .33 (1/3).

What is 1 third plus 3 tenths?


1 third is greater then 3 tenths?

Yes, but not by much.

Why is four tenths bigger than 28 tenths?

Four tenths is NOT bigger than 28 tenths. Four tenths = 4/10 = 0.4 Twenty-eight tenths = 28/10 = 2.8 *1/4 is greater than 1/28, if this is what you were meaning.

What is larger two tenths or three fifths?

2/10 = 1/5 and 1/5 is quite obviously smaller than 3/5

Is eight tenths greater than three eigths?

eight tenths is greater 1 tenth may be smaller than 1 eighth but there are 8 1 tenths and only 3 1 eighths that amount is smaller than the amount of how many tenths there are

Is fourteen tenths greater than one whole?

Yes. 14/10 is greater than 1 because the numerator (14) is larger than the denominator (10).

Is 50 percent more or less than one third?

One third is approximately 33.3%. So 50% is larger than 1/3.

Is two fifths larger than one third?

2/5 is 20% more than 1/3 .

Is a quarter larger than a third?

No, 1/4 = 3/12, 1/3 = 4/12.

What kind of number is 0.27?

It is a decimal. It is in the tenths and is one third of 1.