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2 yards is equal to 6 feet.

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Q: Is 2 yd greater less than or equal to 6ft?
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Is 6 feet greater or less than 72 inches?

Equal 6ft=72inch

Is 6ft less than or greater than 72 in?

6 x 12 = 72 so its equal

Is 6ft longer than 70in?

Yes,6ft is equal to 72 inches.

Which is greater 2yd or 6ft?

2 yards and 6 feet are equal

What is greater 2yd or 6ft?

The are both the same because 2yd = 6ft

Is 2yd equal or bigger or smaller than 6ft?

it is equal because there is 3 feet in one yard

Which is greater 6ft or 300cm?

300cm is greater: in fact it corresponds to 9.84ft

How many ft equal 72 in?


Is 3 feet greater than 2 yards?

no, because 1 yard has 3 feet so 2 yards has 6 feet making it greater than 3 feet. 3ft=1yd 6ft=2yd

How much greater is the area of a circle whose radius is 6ft than the area of a circle whose radius is 3ft?

Radius is x2 so area is x4.

What does 6ft 2inches equal in inches?

6 ft 2 in = 74 in

What is 6ft in meters?

Exactly 6 feet is equal to 1.8288 meters.

How many in inches is equal to 6ft?

It is: 6*12 = 72 inches

How big are cars?

it depends who makes it, it could be a 20+ foot Cadillac out of the 60's or a Smart car less than 6ft long.

Does 6ft equal 72 inches?

Yes as 1 foot = 12 inches

What could 6ft times 4ft equal in inches?

3456 square inches.

6 ft 2 in equal how many in?

6ft=72 72+2=74 inches

What is actor vijay's height?

I think more than 6ft

How tall is Triple H?

Triple H's is 6ft 1-6ft 2. in boots 6ft 3-6ft 4.

What is 6ft 1 in inches?

6 feet is equal to 72 inches. The total would then come out to 73 inches.

Is 6ft bigger than 300 cm?

6 feet = 182.88 cm.

How many meters is 6ft?

6ft is 1.83m (approx)

How many square ft are in 16ft by 6ft?

Assuming that "16ft by 6ft" are the dimensions of a rectangle (rather than an ellipse, for example), the area is 16*6 = 96 square feet.

What is the volume of a cylinder with the following dimensions Radius 6ft Height 24ft?

Multiply the the value of Pi by the radius2 (squared), then multiply that figure by the height - and you'll have your solution ! Hint: the answer is more than 2500 ft3 but less than 2750 ft3

How tall is Tony Snow?

He is 6ft 2in He is 6ft 2in