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2kg = 2,000g = 900g + 1,100g

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Q: Is 2kg bigger than 900 g?
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Is 1 kg bigger or 900 g?

Yes, 1 kg is bigger than 900 g.1 kg = 1000 g > 900 g

What is greater 2kg or 1500 g?

2 kg is bigger

How many g for 2kg?

2000 g

Is g bigger or cg?

I think that cg is bigger than g

What is heavier 2500 g or 2 kg?

2500 g = 2.5kg

Which is heavier 900 g or 1 kg?

1 kg is heavier. 1kg is the same as 1,000 grams, which is clearly bigger than 900 grams.

Which one is greater 1500 or 2 kg?

2kg (2,000 g) is larger than 1,500g.

Is 5.53 kg bigger than 5734 g?

no 5,734 g is 204 g bigger than 5.53 kg

Is 1.7kg bigger than 17g?

Since 1.7 kg is 1700 g, it is bigger than 17 g.

How many g in 2kg?

2000. 1kg is the same as 1000g, so 2kg would be the same as 2000.

Is a kg bigger smaller or less than a g?


Are g bigger than mg?

A gram is 1000 times bigger than a milligram

What is larger 3 kilogram or 2 kilogram 550 g?

there are 1000 grams in a kg so 3kg is larger than 2kg 550 g

What is bigger 1 kg or 1020 g?

1 kg = 1,000 g. 1,020 g is bigger than that.

What is bigger g or kg?

A kg (kilogram) is bigger than a g (gram). A kg (kilogram) is equal to 1000 g (grams)

What is the potential energy of a 2kg vase sitting on a table with a height of 1 meter?

The gravitational potential energy of a 2kg object 1m off the ground is 2kg × g × 1m = 19.6J, where g is the acceleration at 9.8m/sec2.

What is bigger 43mg or 5 g?

5 grams is bigger than 43mg

When converting from kg to g what do you do?

Times by 1000. For Example if you want to convert 2kg to g all you need to do is: 2kg x 1000 = 2000g

Is 1.3 kilograms bigger than 1299 grams?

1.3 kg is 1 g more than 1299 g

Is kg bigger than g?


Is 4000 mg bigger than 5 g?


Which is bigger 43 mg or 5 g?

5 g is bigger than 43 mg.

How many cups in 900 g?

900 grams of what? 900 grams of lead is a different volume than 900 grams of hydrogen.

Is 1 kg bigger or smaller than 1 g?

1kg is bigger in terms of mass than 1g

How is kg bigger than g?

Kilogram is 1,000 times bigger than gram. (Kilo means 1,000)

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