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Parallel lines are lines that share the same slope (number in front of the x)

In this case you need two lines that have 2x to be considered parallel to one another.

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Q: Is 2x 4y equals 3 a parallel line?
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What equation represents a line parallel to the graph of 2x - 4y equals 16?

2x-4y = 16 -4y = -2x+16 y = 1/2x-4 Any equation that has a slope of 1/2 but a different intercept of -4.

What is the slope of a line parallel to the line 2x plus 4y equals 8?

Minus one half, (-1/2).

Which line is parallel to 2x 4y6?

If you mean: 2x+4y = 6 then 2x+4y = 12 is parallel to it because parallel lines retain the same slope but have different y intercepts

Which is the slope of the line with equation 2x - 4y equals 4?

2x-4y=4 -4y=-2x+4 y=1/2x-1 Slope is 1/2 (.5)

Do the equations 2x plus 4y equals 9 and -4x-8y equals 4 have a solution?

No, the two lines are parallel. If the lines are parallel they have no solution; if the lines are the same line then there are infinitely many solutions - all the points on the liens. 2x + 4y = 9 -4x - 8y = 4 The second equation can be divided through by -2 giving the equations: 2x + 4y = 9 2x + 4y = -2 Left of the equal signs (containing unknown x and y) are the same, but right of the equal signs (containing just numbers) are different. Thus the second line is parallel to the first line and they have no points in common and thus no solution.

Y equals 2x plus 2 and 4y-8x equals 12 at which point do these lines intersect?

They don't. The line is parallel. ( 4x-8x=12 simplifies to y-2x+3, which has the same slope as y=2x+2)

What is 2X plus 4Y equals eight?

It is a straight line equation.

Write an equation of a line parallel to 5x-4y equals 8?


What is the y-intercept of 2x-4y equals -8?

2x-4y=-8-2x......-2x-4y=-2x-8(-4y)/-4 | (-2x-8)/-4y=1/2x+2

What type of lines are these x plus 2y equals 7 and 2x plus 4y equals 21?

They are parallel lines.

Is x plus 2y equal 7 and 2x plus 4y equals 3 perpendicular?

No. They are parallel.

What is -2x plus 4y equals -18?

-2x + 4y = -18It's the equation of a straight line with a slope of (1/2) and a y-intercept of (y= -4.5) .