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34 is a whole number but 3/4 is a fractional number

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Q: Is 34 a fractional no.
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What is the fractional notation for 34.94?

34.94 in fractional notation would be 34 94/100.

What is the fractional notation of 3.4?


34.5 as a decimal?

34.5 is a decimal 34 1/2 is fractional

What is the equivalent fraction of 34?

34 is an integer, not a fraction. But it can be expressed in its simplest fractional form as 34/1. Any fraction of the form (34*k)/k, where k is an integer, will be an equivalent fraction.

What is the tangent of 34 degrees in fraction form?

tan(34 degrees) is an irrational number and so cannot be expressed in fractional form.

What is the fractional notation for 6.8?

6.8 is equal to (34/5) 34 __ 5

What does fractional mean?

Fractional means fraction!!!

What is the fractional notation for 21.3?

fractional notations of 0.85 is

What is difference between fractional and rational numbers?

All rational numbers are fractional but all fractional numbers are not rational. For example, pi/2 is fractional but not rational.

What number is halfway between 29 and 34?

(29 + 34)/2 = 31.5 Rounded, it's 32. When rounding a number with exactly .5 or 1/2 as the fractional part, the standard practice is to round to the closest even number.

What is the fractional notation for 18.575?

write 18.575 in fractional notation

What is a fractional portion?

A fractional portion is part of a whole portion

How is petroleum separated and the fractional parts collected?

fractional distillation

Is simple distillation good or fractional distillation?

Fractional distillation is a better process.

What is fractional numbers?

fractional numbers are like 1/3 4/6 9/10

What is the fractional error formula?

What is the formula for percent fractional error? (Physics)

What is the fractional notation for 0.3496?

The fractional notation for 0.3496 is 437/1250

What is the fractional form of 0.0625?

Fractional form of 0.0625 is 1/16

What is 0.0475 in fractional form?

0.0475 in fractional form = 19/400

What is the fractional notation for 2.21?

The fractional notation for 2.21 = 221/100

What is 7.2 in fractional notation?

7.2 in fractional notation = 36/5

What is the fractional notation of 19.961?

The fractional notation of 19.961 = 19961/1000

What is the fractional notation of 19.525?

The fractional notation of 19.525 = 781/40

What is 12.49 in fractional notation?

12.49 in fractional notation = 1249/100

How do you write 17.825 as a fractional notation?

17.825 as a fractional notation = 713/40