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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is 34 a whole number
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Is 34 a fractional no.?

34 is a whole number but 3/4 is a fractional number

Is -34 a whole number?

Is -34 a rational number

How do you convert a whole number into a mixed number?

Take the whole number and place it over one, for example: 34 could be 34/1

Is 1 34 a whole number?

No, it is not.

Is-34 a whole number?

Yes, it is.

Is 34 an improper fraction?

34 is not even a fraction. It is a whole number.

What is 34.1 rounded to the nearest whole number?

34.1 rounded to the nearest whole number is 34

What is 34.1 to the nearest whole number?


What is 34.492 rounded to the whole number?


Is the square root of 34 a whole number?

No because it is an irrational number

What is 33.51 rounded to the nearest whole number?

The answer is 34

Are negative whole numbers whole numbers?

They can be. It still depends on what the negative number is. -34 for example is still a whole number whilst -65.6 is not.

Is 68 an even number?

Yes, if divided by 2 it gives a whole number of 34

Is 34 prime or composite?

34 is a composite number.34 is a Composite Number (all whole numbers ending in four are composite).

What goes into 34 and 63 evenly?

The only whole number that can do that is ' 1 '.

What is 33.8 rounded?

33.8 rounded to the nearest whole number is 34.

What is 0.34 rounded to the nearest whole number?

0.34 rounded to the nearest whole number is zero.

What percent of 34 is 34?

100% because 34 is the whole of 34 :)

Is 34 and 34 a whole?

yes in fractions

What are the two hole numbers that are closest to the square root of 34?

The two whole number which are -6 (nearest to the negative square root of 34) and +6 (nearest to the positive square root of 34).

What is 128.34 written as a mixed number?

A mixed number is a combination of a whole number and a fraction. So 128.34 is the same as 128 34/100 (128 and 34 hundredths), which simplifies to 128 17/50 (128 and 17 fiftieths).

What are all the whole number factors for 81?

81 = 3x3x3x3 = 3481 = 1,3,9,27,81

What is 3.4 rounded to the nearest whole number?

It is: 3

What is 34 over 85 reduced to?

If your answer needs to remain a fraction, you cannot reduce 34 over 85. The reason for this is that there is no number that can be divided into both 34 and 85 evenly. For example, 2 can be divided into 34 evenly (so the answer is a whole number), but 85 cannot be. Or 85 can be divided by 5, but 34 cannot be. So 34 over 85 is reduced as low as it can be as a fraction. Hope that makes sense to you.

What is the value of the whole number N if N equals 12 of 23 of two of 34 of 45 of 100?

It is 84456000.

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