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Q: Is 36 ft 12 inch equal to 3.5 Linear Yards?
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How many square inch in a linear inch?

An inch and a linear inch are the same measurement. A linear inch is merely used to remove confusion between a linear inch, a square inch, and a cubic inch.

How many inches are there in 2 yards 1 inch?

There are 12 inches in one foot. There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 2 yards 1 foot is equal to (2 x 3 x 12) + 12 = 84 inches.

What does 12 yards equal to?

12 yards is the same as 4 feet

How many tons of 12 inch rock equal one linear foot?

A tom is a measure of mass. A linear foot is a measure of length. There is no conversion possible between the two measures.

How do you convert linear feet into inches?

12 "linear" inches is one foot. The inch is a linear measurement, so the adjective is unnecessary.

How many yards equal 36 ft?

12 yards

12 feet equal in how many yards?

4 yards

How many yards would 12 ft equal?

There are: 12/3 = 4 yards

What does four yards equal?


What is the difference between linear feet and inches?

A linear foot is 12 times greater than one linear inch.

How many feet are there in 12 yards?

One yard is equal to 3 feet. Therefore, 12 yards is equal to 12 / 3 = 4 yards.There are 3 feet in one yard so 12 feet is equal to 4 yards.4 yards in 12 feet.

How many square yards are there in 60 feet by 12 feet?

You can convert from linear feet to linear yards and multiply, or you can multiply the linear feet and then divide by 9 square feet per square yard. 60 feet = 20 yards (because there are three feet to the yard) 12 feet = 4 yards 20 x 4 = 80 square yards === === 60' x 12' = 720 square feet 720/9 = 80 square yards