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No because 38 it is smaller than 310

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Q: Is 38 bigger than 310
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Is 38 bigger than 14?

Yes, 38 is bigger than 14.

What is bigger 37 or 38?

38 is 1 bigger than 37

Is 38 bigger than 58?


Which is biggest 310 or 14?

310 is bigger than 14 but if you mean 3/10 and 1/4 then 3/10 is still the biggest

Is 38 bigger than 3-10?


Is a 38 caliber bigger than a 40 caliber?


Is john deere 125 bigger than a stx 38?

From everything I see the 125 is a 42" mower with a 20HP engine. The STX-38 mowers were 38" with either a 12.5 or a 13HP engine. So, yes the 125 is bigger than the STX-38.

Is 18 quarts bigger than 38 cups?

4 cups = 1 quart 18 quarts would be equivalent to 72 cups, which is bigger than 38 cups.

Is negative 27 greater than negative 38?

Mathematically yes. You have to subtract something to get to -38. On the other hand some might say -38 is a bigger voltage relative to "earth" (zero) than -27. Or -38 is a much severer degree of frost than -27.

Is 310 larger than 415?

No. 415 is larger than 310 is.

Is 37 and 310 greater than or less than or equal?

37 is strictly less than 310

Is England bigger than the US?

The United States is bigger than England and the population is bigger.For example:United States: 310 millionEngland: 51 million(although China has over a billion)

Which is bigger 14 Carot or 38 Carot of diamond?

Carats related to diamonds indicate the weight of the stone. Since 38 is a larger number than 14, the 38 carat stone would weight more.

Is 38 pounds bigger than 567 ounces?

567 oz = 35.44 pounds 38 > 35.44 so 38 pounds > 567 oz.

What is 308 rounded to the nearest 10?


How much greater is 310 than 64?

246 = 310 - 64

Is a 38 bullet bigger than a 45 bullet?

When people talk of a 38, they mean .38 caliber, or 38/100th of an inch. Likewise, a 45 is .45 caliber or 45/100th of an inch. 45 > 38 so a 45 has a larger diameter. However, there are different lengths for each of those calibers, so a .38 Special is longer than a .45 ACP so in THAT sense, a 38 is larger (longer) than a 45.

What is bigger a 9 mm or a 38 pistol?

Depends on the pistols. A full frame revolver will be larger than a subcompact automatic, and vice versa. As for the cartridges, it depends on which .38 you had in mind... .38 Special usually comes to mind, but there are a number of cartridges branded as .38 (.38 S&W Long, .38 Super, etc).

Is 1 38 bigger or smaller than 1.45?

1 3/8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is I think...1 3/8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is I think...

Does Poland have bigger population than England?

No- England has a population of about 51 million, while Poland has around 38 million.

What did bullets look like in 1920?

Like they do today, a copper casing with a lead projectile. Some where bigger of course, a 45 round is bigger than a 38 and so on. Hope this answered your question.

Is 39 or 310 greater?

3 over 9 is greater than 3 over 10. 39 is less than 310.

Is Earth bigger than Mercury?

Yes, the Earth is bigger than Mercury. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system (not counting Pluto, which is not considered a true planet anymore). Mercury is 38% (a little more than 1/3) the size of Earth.

Is 0.9 bigger than 0.909?

No. 0.909 is bigger than 0.9

Which Is Bigger 38 in or 3 ft?

38 inches 3ft=36 in