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No because 1 km is equal to 1000 meters so you do 3×1000=3000 km. And 5000 is greater than 3000.

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Q: Is 3 km greater than 5000m?
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Related questions

Is 5000 m greater than 3 km?

Yes, 5000m = 5km

What is greater 3 km or 5000 m?

5000m is greater = 5km so is 2km more than 3km

Is 4.5 km more than 5000 m?

No, it is only 4500 m.

Which is greater 3000m or 2 km?

3000m = 3 km and is greater than 2 km

Is 4 m greater than 3 km?

No. 1 km is 1000 m so 3 km would be 3000 m, which is greater than 4 m.

Which is greater 3 km or 4000 m?

4000 m is greater than 3 km.4000 m = 4 km > 3 km

Is 3000 meters greater than 2 kilometers?

3,000 meters is greater. 3000 m = 3 km

Is 1 km greater than 3 ft?

You are kidding! 1 km is nearly 6/10 of a mile which is clearly greater than 3 ft

Which is bigger 3km or 5000m?

there are 1000 metres in 1 kilometer, this means that there are 3000m in 3 km, so do the math and you will see that 5000 metres is the larger of the two. 5000m = 5km

Which is greater 0.0037 km or 3 meters?

0.0037 km is 231/3% longer than 3 meters.

Is 3 km greater than or less than 4000 m?

less than

Which is greater 300m or 3 km?

Which one is greater 300m or 3km

What measure is greater 3 km or 4000 m?

Since 1 km is equal to 1000 m, 4000 m would be more than 3 km.

Is 3 km greater or less than 5000 m?

It is less because 5000 meters = 5 Km

Is 3 km greater less or equal to 5000 m?

less than

Is 3 km greater than or less than 5000 m?

km means kilometer kilo implies 1000 so 1 kilometer is 1000 meters 3000 meters is less than 5000 meters So 3 km is less than 5000 m

Is 3m greater then 24km?

No. One km is 1000 m, so 24 km is a lot more than 3 m.

Is 3 kilometers or 25 meters greater?

3 kilometres is greater than 25 metres:3 km = 3000 m > 25 m

Is 6 fifths greater or less than 3 thirds?

6/5 is greater than 3/3 by 1/5

Is -3 greater than three greater than seven?

Is -3 greater than 3 greater than seven

Is two miles greater than three kilometers?

Yes. 3 km is approximately equal to 1.86 miles.

Which is greater 3 kilometers or 2 miles?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 3 km = 1.18 miles Hence,2 miles is greater than that of 3 km.

Does earth have more volume than Pluto?

Yes, it does. Earth has a diameter of 12,756km, whereas Pluto has a diameter of 2,390km. Assuming that they are perfect spheres, the Earth has a volume of about 8,694,250,468,781 km^3, and Pluto has a volume of 57,185,025,428 km^3. As such, the Earth has a volume that is more than 152 times greater than that of Pluto.

Is 3 km longer than 2900 m?

Yes, 3 km is longer than 2900 m.2900 m = 2.9 km

Is -3 greater or less than -6?