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A year is 12 months, so 3 years would be 36 months...longer than your 30 months.

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Q: Is 3 years longer than 30 month?
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Saturn takes longer to travel around the sun than earth does?

Yes; about 30 years.Yes; about 30 years.Yes; about 30 years.Yes; about 30 years.

What is a good way to lose 20-30 pounds in a month?

There is not a good way to do that. It will take longer than a month to lose that much weight and you have to diet and exercise.

Why do you think a plant stops growing after 30 days?

Plants usually take much longer to grow than a month

Can a eagle live longer than 50years upto 70 years or more?

No. In the wild, they can live up to 30 years. In captivity, they live a little bit longer.

Which planet has a revolutionary period almost 30 times longer than Earth?

The planet that has a revolutionary period almost 30 times longer than earth Saturn. It takes about 29.45 earth years to complete a revolution.

How many months are there in 1 day?

Since a month is much longer than a day there is only a fraction of a month in one day. If a month is 30 days long, then 1 day is 1/30 of a month. If a month is 31 days long, than 1 day is 1/31 of a month. A day in February is 1/28 of a month except when it is 1/29 of a month in Leap Year.

Can you pass a hair follicle test if you took four hits of marijuana about a month ago?

No, it stays in the hair longer than 30 days.

How ling do horses live?

If you mean how long do horses live, then they live about 30 years depending on what they do. A lesson pony will most likely live longer than a hard working race horse. Also, the oldest horse lived to be about 60 or so, so horses can certainly live longer than 30 years!!!

What is service life of a 30 lb propane tank?

I've had the same one at my house for 16 years, so I'd say "Longer than 16 years".

How many years has the black nun been in glan llyn?

I was in Glan Llyn in 1983 and the Black Nun stuff was around then. So longer than 30 years!

What is the life cycle of dolphins?

Dolphins can live to be around 30 years old, but many live longer than that. They are able to reproduce at 10 years old and can have a baby every 2 years.

How many years can pennies last?

They easily last 30 to 40 years, if not longer.

The longevity of people living in a certain locality has a standard deviation of 14 years what is the mean longevity if 30 percent of the people live longer than 75 years?


Is November longer than march?

No, November is not longer than March. November has 30 days and March has 31 days.

Which planet takes 30 times longer than earth to orbit the sun?

Saturn. It takes around 29.5 years to orbit our sun.

How old can a Welsh pony live?

Welsh ponies have been known to live longer than 30 years when taken care of properly.

Is one foot longer than 30cm?

One foot is equal to 30.48 centimetres.

What is the average lifespan of a bat?

A bat that hibernates lives an average of six years longer than one that does not hibernate. Their life span is normally 30-40 years.The average lifespan of a bat is usually up to 20 years. In some species, it can be even longer.

How many days are there in an Islamic month?

The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. Every month starts on the day of the new moon. A cycle of moon phases lasts just over 29½ days, so the calendar alternates between 29-day months and 30-days months. Odd-numbered months have 30 days each, and even-numbered months have 29 days each. Since the moon phase cycle is a little longer than 29½ days, every few years the 12th month has 30 days.

How long do rural development loans take?

A rural development loan takes no longer or shorter time to come through than any other type of mortgage loans. That is to same it takes about a month for the loan to come through and 30 years of payments to pay it off.

What is the life span for a zebroid?

All equids tend to have the same lifespan of roughly 15 to 30 years. Some may live longer than this.

Is 30 centimeters longer than 200 millimeters?


Is 30 mph faster or 30 km per hour faster?

30 mph, as a mile is longer than a kilometer.

How long does an eagle lives?

Wild Eagles are known to live somewhere between 20 to 30 years. Eagles in captivity may live a few years longer than the ones in the wild.

How many years are in 30 months?

1 month= 12 months 30 months = 2 years 6 months= 2 1/2 or 2.5 years

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