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It is an equation because: a = 6

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Q: Is 3a-14 equals 4 is a equation or expression?
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Is 3a-14 equals 4 an expression or an equation?

An equation.

What is is a math Expression?

in maths, an expression is an equation with no equals sign. equation.............2+2=4 expression..........2+2

What is3 x-4 is an expression or equation?


What is the solution set for the equation 2x plus 4?

2x + 4 is an expression, not an equation. There can be no solution set for an expression.

What is four less than an age in algebraic expression?

say X equals the age, the equation would be:x - 4 = ?

What is the equation 2 to the power of 4?

2 to the power of 4 is an expression, it is not an equation.

How do you solve six plus the product of four more than a number and three?

6 + (4 + n)*3 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved since there is no equals sign in it.

How do you write an algebraic expression for the sum of a number and -6 is 4?

You cannot write an algebraic expression for that, you need an equation. The equation is n - 6 = 4

Do all algebraic expressions have to have variables for example would 3 plus 4 equals 9 be an expression or would it need to be n plus 4 equals 9 to be an expression?

3 + 4 = 9 is not an expression, it is an equation (which happens to be false). An equation without a variable is simply a statement which is either true (a tautology) or false. It's main use is probably at the end of a proof where you may show that the left hand side of some equation is numerically the same as the right hand side which proves your proposition. n + 4 = 9 is also not an expression, but an equation. An equation with a variable can divide the domain into distinct partitions such that the equation is true if the value of the variable is within those partitions and not if they are outside. This may enable you to derive further information about he variable(s).

What is a numerical expression?

5+6+36-4=43 * * * * * That is an equation, not an expression. An expression might be 5+6+36-4 or 43 but when you put the + sign (or <, > etc) it becomes an equation (or inequality).

What is the value of the expression 3x plus 4-2y if x equals 5 and y equals -3?

3x+4-2y x=5 and y=-3 You substitute these values into the original equation. 15+4+6 = 25

What is the differences between an algebraic expression and an algebraic equation?

an algebraic expression has no = sign. it could be like x+4, but an equation has to have an = sign. like x+4=5

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