Is 4'11 considered a midget

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Is 4'11 considered a midget
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Is brandin eckberg a midget?

brandin eckberg is still considered a midget when he is wearing stilts!

Is 4 feet 11 inches considered a midget?

No it is not the largest you can be to be a midget is 4' 7".

What height is considered a midget for a tennager?

I can't tell you for a teenager, but when you are fully grown, if you are 4 11" or under, I believe you are considered a midget.

Who is the tallest midget?

the tallest midget is a guy who is 3 feet tall..ish I don't know who, but the tallest you can be and still be considered ''an official midget'' is 4'10''.

My boyfriend is 25 and he is 5 ft Is he considered a midget?

Yes, he will be considered a midget unless he is 5 feet and 8 inches, not only 5 feet.

Is snooki considered a midget?

No she is just short

Is 4'11 considered midget height for a teenager?


How tall is the biggest midget?

A midget is really small, so the biggest midget would be considered tall to other midgets. Just common sense.

How short do you have to be to be considered a midget as a 12 year old kid?

If you are an adult to be legally a midget you must be 4'10 or shorter. For a child it varies considerably.Appoximently less than 3'9 is legally a midget.

If you are 15 and you are 4'9 are you considered a midget?

i dont think i am but...other people think i am

Is 4 10 a midget?

I dont believe a person that height is considered a midget. I know a girl from work, and no one has ever reffered to her as being one. Maybe 4'8?

Who is considered a legal midget?

There is no such thing as a legal midget.The word midget is considered to be offensive and is normally used to describe someone with dwarfism. Dwarfism is a genetic condition. Unless you suffer from a gene mutation like achondroplasia, you are not a dwarf ... legal or illegal.