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Q: Is 4000g greater less or equal to 5kg?
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What is bigger 4000 grams or a 5kg?

4000g is the same as 4kg so 5kg is heavier.

4000 grams greater or less than 5kg?


Is 4000g more than 5kg?

No, kg stands for 1,000 grams. 4,000 grams is 4kg

What is greater 500g or 5kg?

5kg '

Is 500g greater than less than or equal to 5kg?

1 kg = 1,000 g2 kg = 2,000 g..5 kg = 5,000 g500 of them would be less.

Which is greater 5 lbs or 5 kgs?

5kg is greater than 5lbs

Whose density is less 5kg of water or 5kg of mercury?

Water's density is always less than that of mercury regardless of mass.

5000 grams is equal to how many kg?


What has greater GPE 5kg or 2 kg?

The answer will depend on their positions (heights).

Is 500g less than 5kg?

hello world :)

What is 5kg in newtons?

5 kg is equal to 49.05 newtons.

What is equal to 5 kilograms?

11.02 pounds equals 5kg

Which has the greater density 5kg of lead or 10kg of aluminum?

Lead will always have the greater density compared to aluminium. The weight only influences the volume in question. 10kg of Al will be much more(bigger in size) than 5kg of lead.

How many kilograms equal 5kg?

kg and kilograms are the same thing.

Which has greater mass 5kg of lead or 5k of wood?

Just compare the number of kilograms.

Which is the greater mass one fifth of 5kg or one fifth of 5000g?

one fifth

Which is greater 500 g or 5kg?

There are 1,000 gm to 1 kg. Therefore, 500 gm only equals half a kilogram. Which makes 5 kilograms much greater than 500 gm.

What is greater 55000 mg or 5 kg?

Which is greater 55000 mg or 5 kg

Is 2 KG and 450 grams less than or greater than 5kg?

There are 1000 grams to a kilogram. 2 kg + 450 g is 2400 grams, or 2.45 kg. Less than half of 5 kilogram (which is 5000 grams)

Can 10kg with a normal torque caused by gravitation lift up 5kg with a greater torque?


Is 55000mg greater than 5kg?

No, 5 kg = 5,000,000 mg

How many 200 grams in to 5 kg?

25 x 200 grams is equal to 5kg's

What is the weight of a boys basketball?

the answer is 5kg the answer is 5kg

What is 5kg is pounds?

5kg = 11 pounds.

5 kg is equal to how many Newtons?

the two quantities are different - 5kg indicates the mass of the object, ie how much stuff it contains, a newton is a force, in this case a weight (a force produced by gravity, the mutual attraction of two objects with mass). The weight produced by 5kg depends on g, which is a function of how massive the other object is and how far away you are from its center. Assuming you mean 'how many newtons is 5kg on the surface of earth', g is about 9.81. To get the weight (in newtons) from the mass (in kg) all you do is multiply by g - so 5kg by 9.81 roughly equals 49 newtons. The apparent weight may be less than this. If you only want a rough estimate, then if we approximate the g from 9.81 to 10, then the force (in Newtons) is almost equal to the mass (in kg) multiplied by 10. Therefore 5kg is almost 50N (but actually less than 50). It is not accurate but it gives you an idea of the magnitude.