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Yes, it is a perfect square.

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Q: Is 400 a. Square number
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Related questions

Is 400 a significant number?

400 is a significant number because it is a square number as 20*20 = 400

20 x 20 is equal to how many square feet?

400 square feet. This is an easy calculation - just multiply the length in feet by the width in feet. The answer is the number of square feet.

Is 400 an square number?

Yes, 202 = 400

How is 400 a square number?

20*20 = 400

What is a square number greater than 400?

A square number is an integer which is the square of some smaller integer. For example, 144 is square because 144 = 12*12 = 12^2 400 is a square number because 400 = 20^2. Anything bigger than 20, when multiplied by itself, will make a square greater than 400. How about 21?

400 square number?

Yes. 400 is the product of 20 x 20.

Is a 400 square number?

Yes, 202.

What are square roots of the number 400?


How many acres in 400 X 400 feet?

One acre has 43,560 square feet. Divide the number of square feet by that and you get the number of acres. This gives you an answer of 3.67 acres.

What is the 20th square number?

20 squared is 400.

A number whose square is 20?

Well, a square number is the answer to a number multiplied by itself. So, what you'd have to do is multiply 20*20, and the answer is 400.

How many 60X60 square inch tiles does it take to cover 400 square ft?

400 square feet = 400 x 144 = 57600 square inches Number of 60 x 60 square inch in 57600 is 57600/3600 = 576/36 = 16

What number can you square and get an answer between 400 and 500?

Any number between 20 and 22.36

What is A number those square is 20?

If you mean the square root is 20, the answer is 400. If you mean the square root of 20, the answer is about 4.47.

What square number can you give which is bigger then 300 but smaller then 400?

They are 324 and 361 which are both square numbers

What is the negative square root of 400?

- (400^.5) = -(20) = -20 you just do the square root of the number, and attach the negative in front. and if you ever include the negative inside the square root, you'd have to deal with i, which is an imaginary number that signifies the square root of negative 1.

How many square yards in 400 square feet?

There are 44.44... square yards in 400 square feet.

What is 400 sq meters in sq ft?

1 square metre equals 10.76 square feet. The answer can be given by multiplying the number of square metres with 10.76 to get the number of square feet. Therefore the answer is 4304 square feet.

What is a number you can square and get a number bigger than 400 but smaller than 500 ansered?

21 and 22

How many square meters in 20x20 meters?

20 x 20 = 400 (square meters).

Which number does not have a square root that is an integer 81 196 288 or 400?


Is 400 a square number?

Answer: Umm... i dont know... Well 500 is soo is 400??? OMg -_-""""" From Unknown

A square has an area of 400 what is the perimeter?

A square with an area of 400 square units has a perimeter of 80 units.

How many square feet in 400 square meters?

400 square meters is 4,305.56 square feet.

How do you simplify the square root of 400?

Square root of 400 simplified is 20.