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It is a stronger isolator, meaning that it leaves less current through.

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Q: Is 40 Mega ohms a better insulator than 10 Mega ohms?
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Is mega ohms more them k ohms?

Yes, one mega ohm is more than one kilo ohm. Mega means million, kilo means thousand.

Is fibreglass a better insulator than vacuum?

No. If you can get it, vacuum is the best insulator.

Is plastic a better insulator than metal?

Yes. Plastic is a better insulator of both heat and electricity.

Is rubber a better insulator than plastic?

plastic is better than rubber

Is glass a better insulator than styrofoam?


Is chalk a good insulator?

Yes. The best in the world!! Better than foam insulator.

Is nylon a better insulator than wool?

yes nylon is better

Is styrofoam a better insulator than wood?


Is cardboard a better insulator than styrofoam?

No, it's not

Which is the best insulator thermocol or air or cotton or aluminium?

Air is better than thermocol as insulator. .....

Is wood a better thermal insulator than glass?

Wood is a better thermal insulator than glass. There are some types of glass that will conduct hear in some instances.

Which is better mega bites or giga bites?

It's not a question of "better", only of bigger. Giga is a lot bigger than mega.

Is plastic a better insulator than cardboard and why?


What is a better insulator plastic or wood?

The better insulator is plastic because wood can get wet easily and stay wet longer than plastic.

Is a material with a lower R-value a better insulator than a material with a high R-value?

No. A higher R-value is a better insulator.

Is styrofoam a better insulator of heat than plastic?

Styrofoam is a better insulator of heat than plastic. The plastic allows the heat in and out and the cold in and out. The Styrofoam helps keep the heat in.

Air is a better insulator than fiberglass batting?

Fiberglass insulation is better than air, but closed cell foam is better.

Is silver a insulator?

No. Quite the opposite. It is a better conductor than copper.

Is a ceramic cup a better insulator than a glass cup?

a ceramic cup has more air trapped than a glass cup so its better insulator because materials which have more trapped air are better insulators.

What kind of cup has better insulator of heat a glass cup or Styrofoam cup?

The Styrofoam cup is a fine heat insulator, much better than glass.

Is air or fiberglass a better insulator?

i hope air is better than fibre glass

How can you determine if foam is a better insulator than paper?

yes you can test it under a lamp and see the temp. for the foam and paper and if one has the lowest than that's the better insulator!good luck!

What are the chances of winning the Mega Million?

Better if you buy the ticket than if you do not.

Is Sega mega drive better than midway arcade treasure?


Wood is a better insulator than glass yet fiberglass is commonly used as an insulator in wooden buildings why?

Air is an excellent insulator. Fiberglass is a good insulator because of the vast amount of air spaces trapped in it.