Is 40cm longer than 13 inches?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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40 centimeters x 1 inch/2.54 centimeters

= 15.75 inches

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Q: Is 40cm longer than 13 inches?
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Which is longer 40 centimetres or 13 inches?

40 cm = 15.748 inches so it is longer than 13 inches.

Is 10 feet greater than or less than 13 inches?

Just 1 foot is 12 inches. 10 of them are quite a bit longer than 13 inches.

Which is longer 13 inches or 1 foot?

Since there are 12 inches in 1 foot, 13 inches is longer.

The perimeter of a triangle is 30 inches the first side of the triangle is 1 inch longer than the second side the second side is 7 inches longer than the third side what is the length of each side of?

13, 12,5

How long is 13 centimeters?

Ok if you want the answer in inches, then the answer is 5.118 inches. there are 2.54cm in 1 inch.

Is .02 inches less than .13 inches?


What is the Law for children to sit in frount seat of car?

1m and 40cm or be 13

Mike has three pieces of wood Board A is 4 inches long board B is 7 inches long and board C is 13 inches long If the full length of each board is used can the three pieces of wood be placed toget?

If the question means "Can the three pieces of wood be placed together to form a triangle", which I suspect it does, the answer is No. In a triangle, any two sides must be longer than the other. 4 + 7 is not longer than 13, so they could not meet is one was joined to a different end of the 13 inch board.

Is 1.9 cm longer than 13 mm?

Yes, 1.9 centimeters is longer than 13 millimeters because 1.9 centimeters is equal to 19 millimeters.

Can a frog live more than eight inches?

yes, the goliath frog is 13 inches

What is 13cm in inches?

13 centimetres is a little more than 5 inches. 5.11 to be exact.

Is 13 dm. longer than 13 km.?

Yes - 13 kilometres is equal to 130000 decimetres.