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413 is a Composite Number.

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Q: Is 413 composite or prime
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Related questions

Is 413 prime or composite?

413 is a composite number. Other than itself and 1, the positive integer factors of 413 are 7 and 59.

Is 413 a prime?

A prime number has only 2 factors which are 1 and itself. Composite numbers are everything else except 1 and 0. 1 and 0 are neither prime, nor composite. 413 is composite.

Is 413 prime?

413 is not a prime number. Any number that only has itself and one as factors is a prime number. Therefore, since 7 and 59 are factors of 413 that makes it a composite number (not prime).

Is 413 a prime number or not?

413 is not prime.

413 is a prime Number or not?

413 is not a prime number.

Is one composite or prime both prime and composite or neither prime or composite?

neither prime or composite

What is the prime factorization of 413?

413 = 7 x 59

Is 17 prime or composite number?

Prime or composite! composite is not the answer da

Is nine a prime or a composite?


Is 12 prime or composite?

12 is even, that is 2 divides 12 so 12 cannot be prime.12 is composite. (all even numbers greater than 2 are composite)

Is 413 a prime number?


Are all prime numbers composite no?

no. There is a prime number and a composite number. Therefor, all prime numbers are not composite.

Is 56 a prime or composite?


Is 0 prime or composite?

zero is not prime or compositeIt is neither prime nor composite. See the link.

Is 153 a prime or composite number or a prime number?

It is a composite number.

Is 1 not prime or composite?

One is not prime and not composite.

Is seventeen a prime or composite number?


Is 9750 prime or composite?

no 9750 is not composite it is prime

What is the prime or composite 32?

is 71 a prime or a composite

Is 37 57 and 67 prime or composite numbers?

Prime, composite, prime.

Is 235416 prime or composite?

it is a composite number

Are prime numbers greater than 2 composite?

No. Prime numbers cannot be composite and composite numbers cannot be prime!

Is 4 and 67 prime and composite?

4, composite. 67, prime.

Is 5 and 25 prime or composite?

5 prime, 25 composite.

Does the prime factorization of any composite number include prime and composite numbers?

Prime factorization never includes a composite number. All numbers in prime factorization must be prime numbers.