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No. The two closest squares are 49 and 36. The square root of 49 being 7 and the square root of 36 being 6. you can conclude that the square root of 42 isn't a perfect square, but it's square root is between 7 and 6.

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Q: Is 42 a square number using perfect squares?
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What is a perfect square number?

Multiplying a number by its self is called squaring a number When using exponents, the second power of a whole number is called a perfect square too, For example, write 4 squared = 16, 7 squared = 49, and 265 = 70, 225 are all perfect squares.

Simplify the square root of 512?

The idea is to take out perfect squares. The largest perfect square in this case is 256, which is the square of 16 (if you have trouble figuring this out, you can take out a smaller perfect square first, and then see if you find additional perfect squares). In any case, the end result should not have a factor that is a perfect square. Using the symbol "root()" for square root: root(512) = root(256 x 2) = root(256) x root(2) = 16 root(2)

Why is a number a perfect square?

you can multiply two whole numbers together to get that. if you use graph paper, you could make a perfect square. the area of that square is called a perfect square because you can make a perfect square using that many units as the area. for example 4x4=16, so 16 would be the perfect square.

Can you form a rectangle using any number of small squares?

N0- you can't use one square.

How do you win minesweeper?

You win a game of Minesweeper by turning over all the squares that do not have mines in them. Every square you open reveals a number. The number refers to how many mines are next to that square. If the number is a 1, there is 1 mine next to that square. Finding out where mines are can be determined by using multiple squares with numbers on them to predict where a mine lies.

How can you tell if a number is a perfect square?

One way is to get the prime factorization of the number. If every prime occurs an even number of times, it is a square, otherwise, not. Another is to estimate the square root of the number, and square it. If you get more than the number, try a lower estimate; if less, a higher one. Using interval bisection you very quickly zero in on the square root, if it is a whole number. If so, the number is a perfect square. Otherwise, you find 2 consecutive whole numbers between which is the square root, in which case it is not a perfect square.

Is it possible to draw a perfect square?

Well it all depends if you want to use a ruler If not you can if you are very patient because if you used square paper you can draw using the squares. If you do just use a ruler and Measure !!xx

Limitations of using least square methods in analysis?

One of the limitations of using least squares methods in analysis is that outliers, which are significantly bad observations, can skew the results because they have more impact. This impact is because the square of a number grows large faster than the number. It is better to reject the outliers using some other method prior to using least squares on the remaining data. Of course, this must be substantiated because rejecting data otherwise is bad practice.

What is the number when multiplied by 84 will give you perfect square?

that sounds like someone's using instead of doing homework.

What sports involve using squares?

Four-square, the game where you try to get people out by bouncing the ball in their square.

Is the square root of 6 rational?

No; you can prove the square root of any positive number that's not a perfect square is irrational, using a similar method to showing the square root of 2 is irrational.

How do you find the square root of 21?

21 is not a perfect square, and none of its factors (1, 3, 7, 21) are perfect squares either, so √21 is already simplified. The easiest way to compute an approximate value is using a calculator; if you are familiar with calculus, Newton's method works to find an approximation manually. Either way, it is approximately equal to 4.58258.

What is the formula to find the number of squares on a chessboard?

The square of the number of tiles on each row or column. Generally a chess board has 64 squares. This answer given above by one of our friends is true only incase of squares of same size. But as we consider all possible squares of different sizes, then it will be calcualted using the formula, 12+22+32+42+52+62+72+82

How can you form six squares with only twelve toothpicks?

Using 8 of the toothpicks, make a square with two on each side. Using another two, make a smaller square in one corner of the first. Using the remaining two, make a cross in the middle of the second square. One large square on the outside, one medium square inside it and four small squares formed inside that, for a total of six.

How much yarn to crochet a gueens size blanket in granny square patteren?

First you have to determine what weight yarn you will be using and which hook. Then you need to determine how many squares you need. Here is a suggested number of squares from my own website Crochet Cabana, based on size of squares.Queen: 60" x 80"Using 6" squares: 10 x 13 (good- 60" x 78" plus edging) [130 squares], 10 x 14 (best, 60" x 84" plus edging) [140 squares]Using 9" squares: 7 x 9 (best, 63" x 81" plus edging) [63 squares]Using 12" squares: 5 x 7 (60" x 84" plus edging) [35 squares]Now that doesn't answer your question. You want to know how much yarn you need, so what you might do is make ONE square with a similar weight yarn and see how much yarn that takes. Make the square then rip it out and measure yardage. Then multiply that amount by the number of squares you need. That will tell you approximately how much yarn to get.If you are making an afghan with squares of different colors or with each square having multiple colors you will have to account for that in your planning.If you want to make an afghan in just one big granny square, the swatch should give you a pretty good idea if you are using one color for your afghan.

Is - 81 a perfect square?

No negative number can be a square. (At least not using the kind of numbers you've learned to use so far.)

How could you find the surface area without using a formula?

i think its impossible Here is a way: Construct a number of squares that are one unit in area. For example, if you want to know the area of a plot of land, construct squares that are one square foot each. Then put as many of those squares as possible onto your plot without any gaps or any overlapping. Count the number of squares that you were able to put.

What is the perfect square of 4 using the power 2?


What is the number 9 used for in the real world?

9 can be used in geometry in order to find a perfect square. 9 is also a square number witch is important when trying to calculate traingle sides by using the pythagareon therom.the square root of 9 is 3 and 9 squared is 81

May is using 35 sticks to make squares none of the squares can touch each other what is the greatest number of squares she can make?

8 with 3 left over

What number in the Fibonacci sequence between 100 and 200 is a perfect square?

Answer 144 which is F(12) Reason 55 and 89 are the 10th and 11th Fibonacci numbers, If we add these we have 144 which is the 12 Fibonacci number and is a perfect square. I am using F(0) as the 0 Fibonacci number and F(1) as the first.

Rectangular arrangement using 100 squares how many can you make?

Well it has to be even number x even number. i.e. 2 squares long by 50 squares 4 x 25

Can x2 - 1 be factored?


How do you make three squares with eight sticks?

Make a square using four of the sticks. Make an identical square with the other four sticks. Place the second square so that it overlaps one quarter of the first square. The third square is the small square created by the overlap and is 1/4 the size of the bigger squares.

How to find the greatest 7 digit number which is a perfect square using long dision?

3,162.27766 is the square root of a smallest 8 digit number and thus the greatest integer having the greatest 7 digit square is 3,162. This is because the square of the next integer i. e. 3,163 is going to be an 8 digit number as discussed above. Thus, 3,162 is the required answer. 3162^2 = 9998244.