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45 is not a perfect square number. the closest perfect squares are 49 and 36. But it is the square of the irrational number 6.708204... (an infinite, non-terminating, non-repeating decimal).

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Q: Is 45 a square number
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What number make up a square number of 45?

45*45 = 2025

What is the square number between 30 and 45?

36 is the square number between 30 and 45

45 is the square root of what number?

45 is the square root of 2,025 (45 x 45 = 2025).

Is the square root of 45 an ration number?


Are 45 and 73 a prime or square number?

73 is prime. 45 is neither prime nor square.

What is the sum of the 3rd and 6Th square number?

It is 9+36 = 45

How do I convert 45 square kilometers to square feet?

Multiply the number of square km by 10,763,910.416. In your example, 45 x 10,763,910.416 = 484,375,968.75 square feet.

What is the missing number in the blank square?

45 and 65

What type of number is square root of 45?


What two squared numbers divided equals 45?

None. The ratio of two square numbers is itself a square number. 45 is not.

What is an irrational number between 14.2 and 14.3?

It is the square root of 14.25 which is an irrational number

Is the square root of 45 a rational or irrational number?


Solve for the square root of 45?

6^2 is 367^2 is 49so, the square root of 45 is between these two but is an irrational number close to6.708203932

What is the area of a retangle 4.5 m x 10 m?

45 meters square +++ 45 square metres, of any outlined area. The difference is that "square (units)" define area, whereas "(units) square" defines a square of side lengths of that number of units. So a 45 metre square has an area of 45 x 45m = 2025m^2.

What irrational number can be found between 6.32 and 11?

The square root of 45

What number when multiplied by itself gives 2025?

The square root of 2025 is 45

Is the square root of 45 a whole number?

No- it amounts to 6.7.

What times itself equals 45?

Square root of 45 times square root of 45 = 45

What is the square root of -45?

The square root of -45 is: 6.708204 i

How many square yards are in 45 square feet?

There are five square yards in 45 square feet.

What is the square footage of 45 acres of 45 acres?

45 acres is 1,960,200 square feet.

How much is 45 square meters in feet?

45 square meters = 484.375 square feet.

Is the square of negative 54 rational'?

No, nor is it a real number. The square root of minus 54 is equal to the square root of plus 45, times i.

Is 45 square?

It is not a perfect square.

How much in feet is 45 square feet?

Honestly it depends at what your looking at The number can vary. For example, pretend you have a 5x9 5x9 = 45 5+9= 14 You have 45 square feet and 14 feet This is another possible combination 30x1.5 = 45 30+1.5=31.5 this time you have 45 square feet and 14 feet. The combinations are endless