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yes it is.

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Q: Is 4 a bad number
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Related questions

Is 4 a bad luck number?

yes it is.

What does number 4 mean?

In China, it means bad luck.

What are some Korean bad luck symbols?

The number 4 is a bad luck symbol because number 4 in Korean is pronounced as "sa", which also means "death." Therefore some buildings don't have a button for the 4th floor because of its bad luck.

What is Moss Burmesters lucky number?

I don't have a lucky number. But lane 4 is the fastest ranked, so is not a bad number. :)

If you add 5 to me and then subtract 2 you get 4 What number am I?

You are bad at math. 1

What was number one song on 4 August 1979?

Bad Girls-Donna Summer

What is so special about the number 4 in Chinese culture?

The number 4 in Chinese is 四, which is pronounced as "Si". This word is rather similar to the word 死, which means death. This is why the number four is considered as a bad omen, or a unlucky number. Some buildings doesn't have the fourth floors, or any floors with the number 4 in it.

What number is bad luck to Japan?

because in China number 4 is pronounced as "shi" which also bring the meanings "death" in Japan.

What number 0 to 9 is a bad luck?

0, 3, 4, 6 & 9.

Is number 4 a lucky number in japan?

NO!, it is considered a bad luck number because it sounds to much and is spelled the same as the word death in Japanese

Where is the number 4 cylinder on a 5.4L Triton?

it is the back cylinder (closest to the firewall) on the passenger side. If you are diagnosing a missfire code on cyl number 4, you probably have a bad ignition coil on that cylinder

What is the diagnostic code P304 on a 2002 Dodge caravan 3 L eng?

It is a misfire detection on cylinder number 4. It just means that for somereason cylinder number 4 is misfiring. Could be a loose\bad spark plug or wire. The coil could also be bad. Hope this helps.

Is lady gaga bad romance a pop song?

yea it is it was at number 1 4 2 weeks

What are some bad luck symbols?

Black cat, a crow, an 8 ball, number 4 for Koreans, number 13 (US) walking under a ladder.

How many king george were there?

4. number 1 was the handsome one. 2 was the ugly bad one . 3 was the mad one, and 4 was rather fat

How do you Divide two negative numbers?

you can divide two negative numbers easily! think,if a bad thing (which represents a negative number) happens to a bad person (which also represents a negative number) is a good thing/positive, which means positive number! EXAMPLE: -20 divided by -4=40! (bad thing/negative) divided by (bad person/negative)= good thing/positive

What the bad girls house number?

watz the bad girl club number

What is the Bad Girls Club house phone number?

what is the bad girls club phone number

What is Service engine soon code po304?

It is telling you that a misfire is detected in cylinder number 4. To troubleshoot this the easiest thing to do is take the coil pack from number 4 and exchange it with number 3. Reset the light and run the vehicle. When the light comes on again see if the code is po303. If it is you have a bad coil. If it still says po304 you probably have a bad spark plug or plug boot. Good luck to you.

Why is it number 4 for Chinese people is a bad number?

In Chinese, the pronunciation for the number 4 and the word "death" are very close together and sound almost the same. In China, many buildings will avoid labeling a 4th floor, skipping instead to the number 5. (The same as some other countries skip the number 13 and replace it with 14)

What is the smallest composite number?

The smallest composite number is 44

What number on plastic containers are bad?

number 7 plastic is bad. dont drink from them.

Why are mice bad?

They are not bad because I have 4 mice and they are not bad.

What number times itself 4 times equals 256?

The number "4"

Why don't Asians like the number 4?

The word "four" in Chinese is "suh". "Suh" also means "death". That's why it's considered a bad/unlucky number to Asians and others.