Is 5000 half of one million?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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No. 500,000 is half of one million.

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Q: Is 5000 half of one million?
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How many thousands are there in one half of a million?

a million is 1000 thousands so half a million is 500 thousands.

How many hundred dollars bills equal a half of a million dollars?

5000 bills

What is two and one half of 2000?


How do you write 'half a million' in figures?


What is a half percent of 1 million dollars?

.005 x $1,000,000 = $5,000.

What is a half of a million?

The answer is 500,000!

How many thousand in one half million?

One half million is 500 thousand.

How do you write half million in words?

That is the correct spelling of "half million" (500,000). The terminology for the determiner (adjective) would properly be "a half million" or "one-half million" or more colloquially "half a million." e.g. There were a half million refugees from the flood. More than one-half million residents were without power. As many as half a million cars were affected by the recall.

If one and a half is 1½ one hundred and a half is 100½ one thousand and a half is 1000½ and ten thousand and a half is 10000½ why is a million and a half 1500000 instead of 1000000½?

It is supposed to be said "one million five hundred thousand" but it is easier to say "and a half" as in a half million.

Is 5000 plus 80 million equal to 90 million?

No. 5000 + 80000000 = 80005000

What is 5 percent of 50 million?

5% of 50 million is 2,500,000.

Is one and a half million greater than a million and a half?

It depends on how pedantic the users are. Most people would use either term to describe 1500000 (1.5 million). But it could be agrued that one and a half million is 1500000 whereas a million and a half is 1000000.5