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Is 500mm bigger then 40cm?

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500mm is 25% bigger than 40cm.

2013-03-07 00:57:57
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2020-04-27 13:40:56

the number without the mm is bigger than 40 ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020-04-27 13:40:56
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Q: Is 500mm bigger then 40cm?
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What is bigger 4cm or 500mm?

4cm is 400mm so 500mm is larger

Which is bigger 4dm or 40cm?

A dm (decimetre) is equal to 10cm (centimetres). So the answer to the question is 4dm is exactly the same length as 40cm.

What is 500MM in centimeters?

500mm = 50cm

Is 4 cm bigger then 500 mm?

no 4cm converted to mm is 40mm therefore it is smaller the 500mm

What is more 500mm or 5cm?

500mm (10mm=1cm)

How big is 500mm by 500mm?

50cm by 50cm 0.5m by 0.5m

What is 500mm in a cm?

500mm is 50cm (divide mm by 10).

How many liters in a tank 500mm by 500mm by 500mm?

If the tank is a cube, and each edge is 500mm long, then the volume of the tank is50cm x 50cm x 50cm = 125,000 cm3 = 125 litres.

What is 40cm to mm?

40cm is 400mm

What is 100 percent of 40cm?


Which is greater 2dm or 40cm?


40cm x 40cm x 30cm=cubic meters?

48000 cc

What is the volume of a tank with height of 270mm width of 500mm and length of 500mm?

270mm x 500mm x 500mm = 67,500,000 mm3In terms of liquids, this equates to about 17.8 US gallons or 14.8 UK gallons

Is 4 dm bigger than 40 cm?

4dm (decimetres) is exactly the same length as 40cm (centimetres)

What is the volume of a cube with an edge of 40cm?

40cm times 40cm times 40cm equals 64,000cm. The volume of the cube is 64,000cm cubed or 0.064m cubed.

500mm squared equals how many cm squared?

500mm=50cm and 502cm = 2500cm.

Is 4dm greater than 40cm?


What of 2m is 40cm in a percentage?

40cm is 20% of 2M

500mm to decimeter?

100 millimeters is equal to one decimeter so 500mm is equal to 5 decimeters.

What is the volume of a box 40cm by 30cm by 40cm?

48,000 cubic cm

How do you find the circumference of a circle if the diamter is 40cm?

circumference = pi*40cm

What is the wall thickness of 500mm pipe?

the wall thickness of sch 40 - 500mm dia pipe is 15mm or 16mm.

How big is a terrapin?

There are different types of terrapins which range in size so most terrapins are about 5-40cm some are smaller and some are bigger.

How big is 30cm x 40cm?

how big is 30 cm x 40cm

How big is a 2 month old yellow lab?

about 40cm tall and about 40cm long.